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English Media Coursework

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A Report to Lord Carter of Barnes, (Minister for Media and Communications), on the Depiction of Women in Tabloid and Broadsheet Newspapers. In Britain, two out of three people read a national newspaper regularly. What newspapers choose to print is of primary importance in shaping the way we view ourselves, our communities, our country and the world. Recently, I have been looking at the different content presented in tabloids and broadsheets. The issue I noticed had the greatest amount of contrast was the way women are portrayed in each of the newspapers. It has become clear to me that newspapers aimed at the lower and working class, for example 'The Sun', illustrate women in a completely different context to newspapers like 'The Times', whose intention it is to attract the well educated and upper classes. I am focusing my report on the presentation of women as I believe it is extremely relevant to today's society. Newspapers have major effects and influences on their readers, especially newspapers which outline sexism as being okay. This topic is very important to me as I am a young woman and the opinions of men will affect me throughout my life. ...read more.


After establishing the main discrepancies between tabloids and broadsheets, I proceeded to study two articles which include women as the direct subject. I found my first article in 'The Times' broadsheet newspaper. The article concentrates on what women have achieved recently, in particular, a Member of Parliament's wife Sarah Brown. Also, the article explains that women are not the inferior gender, but are just as smart and successful as men. The article shares a page with a caricature of John Prescott and Gordon Brown, describing them as 'useless, fat and irrelevant'. This cartoon has an immediate effect on the engagingness of the article below. The insulting drawing of two of the most powerful men in Parliament is sure to intrigue the reader. They will read on to find out the significance the caricature has to the article. The article is titled 'Suddenly wife power looks quite different'. This title is a suggestion the author has made and from a male perspective can be seen as boasting. However, the article goes on to praise women in Parliament for the way they present them selves and for what they have accomplished. ...read more.


Women are respected just as highly in broadsheets as men. They are aware that women earn just as much, are just as successful and just as intelligent. Pictures in broadsheets are modest and never reveal more than a woman's face. Views from broadsheet newspapers are unbiased, and do not have a set stereotype. I believe all women should be seen in this way as beauty is truly skin deep. Tabloids are disrespectful towards women, and take away their dignity. The authors of tabloids present women as sex slaves and as nothing more than an agile body. They discriminate women and what they can achieve and diminish them as a gender. The opinion someone reading a tabloid newspaper would differ extraordinarily to one of somebody reading a broadsheet. Tabloids describe and display women as the 'inferior gender'. I believe that broadsheets are the better source when describing women and their lives. Tabloid newspapers are biased, and give millions of men across the world the idea that it's okay to treat women with sacrilege. However, I believe women allowing themselves to be pictured in newspapers this way are as much to blame as the newspaper itself. They cast a stereotype of women across the globe which will affect the entire gender. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ellis Evans ...read more.

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