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English Media Coursework Bait

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A Review of the Film Bait Bait is a very short social conscience film about a man, John-O and his son, Clint. John -O, is an organised single father who prepares for a job interview while his young son, Clint, prepares sandwiches for their lunch. When he goes for the interview, Clint has to wait in a caf� next door for his Dad. While there he loses their lunch to a homeless man. Clint's Dad returns from the interview to find his lunch gone and confronts the hungry man with unexpected results. The film is set in the North East of England and the two protagonists, John-O and Clint are working class and poor. This is shown in their small house, at the start of Bait. ...read more.


This is a short film which focuses on Clint on; how he lives, and how he deals with an unemployed father who is clearly living on the bread line. It's quite moving to see the boy caring for his father almost as an equal. They both love each over deeply. The frustration the Dad feels about his situation is also apparent. The relationship between Clint and his father is very loving. John-O treats Clint with great love as he is his the only one who he has left in the world. He gives him encouragement and tries to make him independent. This happens when he is making the sandwiches. The camera angles are very important. When Clint and John-O enter the caf� and Clint is ogling at the delicious, mouth-watering delicacies. ...read more.


The Structure is very important. It is simply a three act structure; it has a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning, also known as the premise, has a very important structure. We see that John-O and Clint are very close. They also have a very strong relationship and bond. This is seen in the film when John-O encourages Clint to make the sandwiches and looks at him with great pride. The catharsis in this short film reveals the message that there is always is someone is worse off than you, and also that action speak louder than words. This is because in Bait when John-O drops his change when he has a struggle with the destitute man, he does not pick it up, even though Clint gathers all the loose change. However John-O tells him to leave it, because John-O realises that the tramps need is greater than his. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lukman Adam ...read more.

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