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English Media Coursework Comparing Two Musical Scenes

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Media Coursework How do directors use musical scenes to engage the audience and create atmosphere? In this essay I shall be comparing and contrasting the techniques used in two musical scenes. Some of the things I shall be looking at in this essay are sound, vision (such as camera angles and colour) and emotions for both the characters and the audience viewing it. Directors use musical scenes because they can communicate feelings of the characters over to the audience far more than an ordinary dialogue scene ever can. Not only can they portray characters emotions through colour, dialogue and character behaviour, but they can use another two key factors: music and dance, as well as being able to enhance all the other aspects. Empathy for the characters can be built far more easy than with a scene without the musical aspects. One of the scenes I shall be studying is 'No Life Without Wife' from the film "Bride and Prejudice", directed by Gurinder Chadha. The film is an Eastern and Western fusion, based on the popular novel 'Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin. In the film, a mother (Nadia Batbur) is trying to marry off her four daughters to wealthy men. However, one of her daughters, Lalita (Aishwarya Rai) is a strong willed young lady who decides that she will marry for love, not money. She turns down a proposal from an arrogant man named Mr. Kohli (Nitu Ganatra), much to her mother's displeasure. Later on in the film, she meets an American businessman and they end up inadvertently falling in love with each other. In the scene I'm using, Lalita's sisters are teasing her about the imminent proposal from Mr. Kohli, and she describes her perfect man, something which Mr. Kohli definitely is not. The other scene I shall be looking at is 'Elephant Love Medley' from the movie 'Moulin Rouge'. It was directed by Baz Luhrman in 2001, and although it is not to everyone's taste, nobody could argue that it doesn't send your senses into overdrive. ...read more.


He undoubtedly loves Satine deeply, and he believes that it will work, no matter what. He feels it will last through time -that it is perpetual- as they will always have each other. Throughout 'No life Without Wife', Lalita keeps up the comedy by continually making fun of Mr. Kohli. Satine starts to take it seriously when she starts to believe it could actually work out. She talks straight to Christian and looks right at him, aiming what she does at him, while also saying it to the audience and looking at them, unlike 'No Life Without Wife' when Lalita appears to be more singing herself and the audience than any specific person. Lalita never queries her feelings for Mr. Kohli. She knows that she does not like him, and the scene does not change that for her. All it does it confirm it for her, and help her to decide how to manage it. Satine's situation is homogenous to Lalita's, as she also already knows in her heart of heart that she really loves Christian, and the scene just helps her to decide how to deal with it too. To show they are in a predicament, and are considering them, they think out loud so we, the audience, know how they are feeling at the time, and can therefore empathize with them more. Both Lalita and Satine do try and get away from the situations as it is too much for them to handle at one time. While her sisters are teasing her, Lalita makes a half hearted attempt to get away from them. It is like the proposal from Mr. Kohli; she will not be able to get away from it so she might as well not even bother. She shut's the door behind her, which is like a mental lock for her, to try and keep the horrid thought of Mr. ...read more.


For Lalita, it is how to explain to her mother that she wants to reject Mr. Kohli and for Satine it is how to earn money in ways that won't involve ways that could make Christian uncomfortable and even be seen as infidelity. In 'No Life Without Wife' we expect Lalita to make up her mind about what she will do. I expect that most people assume that Lalita will refuse Mr. Kohli, as he is everything that she did not describe as her perfect man. He isn't understanding or magnanimous, and she obviously does not feel that he would care for her. In 'Elephant Love Medley' we expect Satine to come round eventually as there is such chemistry between them, and they seem like two people that just have to be together. We expect true love to prevail as everyone wants a happy ending. In conclusion I think that the techniques such as sound and symbols that directors use engage the audience well, as they help you mentally understand everything better in a scene. If you understand everything, you can empathize with all the characters better as you understand what they are going through. Also, I think the music that creates a new level of excitement; it is the music which sends the buzz through your whole body. In my opinion, the most effective for me was 'Elephant Love Medley'. I think that is maybe because I can relate more to Christian and Satine as I, from my background, can understand more the risks of love than the feeling of being pressured love by a family member. I also find the music choice more effective for me as I find a wide range of songs keeps my attention more as I am sure to know at least one of them, so consequently I enjoyed it more too. Another thing I found was that there were more symbols which helped my build my connection with the scene, and I found the scene in general more exhilarating to watch. ...read more.

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