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English Media Coursework - Romeo and Juliet the Film

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English Media Coursework - Romeo and Juliet the Film B az Luhrmann's innovative version of Romeo and Juliet has an important part in changing peoples portrayal of what Shakespeare is originally about. A modern stereotype of Shakespeare has made many readers think that Shakespeare is boring as it was written 400 years ago. The party mood is established in the opening shots of the scene by different focuses on colour, music and camera angles. At the beginning of the scene, people are firing guns. A number of establishing shots are used at the beginning of the scene to show the audience the setting of the scene. The diagetic sound of the gunshots and fireworks are muffled by the non-diagetic sound of raucous music. By using this concoction of sound and camera angles it introduces the audience to the corrupt household of the Capulets. In the play guns represent death therefore foreboding what is going to happen later on in the play. The audience know what to expect by the wild mood at the beginning of the party. As the scene progresses the audience is introduced to the Capulet mansion. Quick series of 'cuts' make the party pacey. The scenes meant to be like this as the events of the party are mirrored by Romeos mood. The party scene is guaranteed to have an impact on the viewer. The music that commences at the beginning of the party scene is upbeat, fast paced, Latino music (Young hearts run free) ...read more.


In stories and fairy tales the soldier always gets the princess or bride in this case he does. The costume is foreboding as its connotation tells you what happens later on in the play. Juliet's costume gives you the connotation of an angel. This costume is opposite to Tybalt's costume, which tells the audience that her behaviour is opposite to Tybalt's. An angel is thought as holy, peaceful and pure, this costume signifies Juliet's characteristics and is foreboding as angels are to do with death and peace, giving the plot of the play away to the audience. Before the party, Romeo has taken drugs, the director wants to convey that Romeo is aware of everything that is going on at the party but his senses which have been disrupted by the drugs are not e.g. The speeding up of the scene and when Romeo looks at many characters it looks like they are pulling faces. Close up shots are used continuously in the party scene to show Romeos attentiveness of the happenings in the party. The close up shots of the different characters make them look scary, ugly and big for example the close up of Tybalt where the close up shot shows him growling like a tiger in slow motion and the close up shot of lord Capulet chanting " amore, amore" and hissing like a snake. A crane shot is used to show Romeos disorientation at the party, which makes the viewer bewildered and uncertain of what they are watching. ...read more.


The muffled silences of the party guests (diagetic sound) make Romeo and Juliet seem that they are in their own world, which is unearthly. The director has used all these different styles of media to show how Romeo and Juliet meant to be together as it is said in the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. 'Two star struck lovers destined to fail'. Romeo's shock of understanding that Juliet is a Capulet is portrayed by a number of camera shots and non-diagetic music. When Juliet realises that Romeo is a Montague, her sworn enemy, the slow affectionate music shifts from affectionate to sorrowful diagetic music. The violins used in the non-diagetic music make the audience feel sorry for Romeo. When portraying Romeos shock the director uses a high angle shot to make Romeo look secluded and helpless and makes the audience feel powerful and in control of Romeos feelings. Contrasting this is the shot used at Juliet. A low angle shot is portrayed to show Juliet's understanding of the conflict. This type of shot makes the audience feel vulnerable and know of Juliet's understanding and sorrow for Romeo. The Romeo and Juliet party scene as a whole has effective presentations that would make the audience have a mixture of emotions. The mood of the party is portrayed with different camera shots, costumes, diagetic music, non-diagetic music and the pace of the scene changes. The director has used all of these techniques in the party scene to make the audience feel involved in the party scene and make them feel the same feelings and emotions that Romeo feels. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leon Mcfarlane 10KRH ...read more.

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