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English Media - Macbeth on the Estate.

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English Media - Macbeth on the Estate I have thoroughly analysed "Act two Scene one" from the screenplay "Macbeth - On the Estate." Shot by shot I have discussed the style and structure noting any significant visual and structural devices. The film is based in the present day on a run down council estate in Birmingham. The characters now play drug dealers and rent boys (hooligans) instead of soldiers and kings like in the real play; however the story/plot is identical as is the dialog. As the characters and the events of the film are appealing to our younger population I believe that the film targets modern day teenagers as its audience. The screenplay fits into this genre well as there is a lot of violence and aggression linked into the story, making it fast moving and dramatic. Therefore even though the dialog is still in very old-fashioned English the story remains relatively easy to follow due to the detailed descriptive nature of the characters and scenes. The very first shot in "Act two Scene one" is an exterior spectacle of the full moon on a dark night. The moon fills almost the whole of the screen making its impression as apparent as possible. The moon symbolizes Luna which represents the Greek Selene; Goddess of the moon, signifying the state of mind; lunacy, a clear-mindedness state of insanity. ...read more.


This area of the room is particularly dark and mysterious, with Duncan's wealth around his neck in the form of a solid gold chain he sleeps as though nothing could harm him, and then from the left of the screen an unidentified hand appears to reach over to him. It is then recognised that the hand belonged to Lady Macbeth, and she was attempting to pick him up to move him. In doing so the cutting becomes very quick and Lady Macbeth appeared to throw Duncan across the room, this shows that there is more to her than meets the eye. It could suggest that after her spell to unsex her she has inherited the strength of a man, this would introduce certain ideas about the supernatural and witchcraft. However, the scene proceeds upstairs into the bedroom where Lady Macbeth stands before a light, filling the whole screen, displaying the overwhelming power of her dark side. She continues to tuck Duncan in. As he is seen lying in his bed asleep, a sheen of sweat is covering his entire face presenting signs that he is uncomfortable or nervous about the situation, his covers seem to reach up just below his chin as if it was to mark his neck for a beheading. Lady Macbeth goes to visit her husband Macbeth in the scullery; he is sitting god like at the table depressingly staring into the bottom of a bottle of liquor. ...read more.


I notice that his silhouette on the wall is of equal size to himself this displays that he is of no higher force or power. However as we see in the following shot Lady Macbeth is back against a wall and she doesn't have any shadow at all, this suggests that she has been totally overtaken by her evil actions and now she has been dehumanized. To conclude the "Act two Scene one" we are taken back outside to an exterior shot of some buildings and constructions, notice they are manmade unlike the moon. The initial state of mind is now only a memory and we now have to reflect and prepare for the consequences of the evil assassination of King Duncan. Although the film is based on a sixteenth century play it fits in perfectly with contemporary ways of life, especially the thug life of our younger population. The ideas of persuasion and manipulation are still practiced in the modern day so the audience would have no problems understanding the plot. However the dialog being direct from the book can be a little hard to grasp but the skilful directing, stage setup and editing makes up for that. I believe that the film is implying that even after 500 years of development in the general way of life, we still think and act to the same basic structure as the audience in the sixteen hundreds. Sachin Arora ...read more.

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