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English Media - Review of the film Jaws

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GCSE English media coursework. JAWS A thrilling film, Jaws, is about a great white shark which attacks living prey, its favourite food being human. It was set in the East Coast of USA in Amity Island and directed by Steven Spielberg. Set on the 4th of July, which is American Independence Day and due to this beaches are crowded. This gives the director the chance to scare the audience with the shark attacks. The chief of police, called Brody tries to convince the mayor to close the beach to prevent another shark attack. With the 4th of July holiday coming up, the mayor refuses because he is concerned about upsetting tourists. After the third attack, Brody is personally involved and decides to take it on himself to kill the shark. With the help of the sea captain, Quint and the biologists he goes out to find it. ...read more.


Already, the audience is being prepared for something to happen. The montage begins when a little girl goes for a swim and during this, there is no music, all we hear is the splashing of the sea. To show that the girl is totally unaware of the sharks approach; the camera show a close up of the sharks view and the music starts, during this, the camera view switches between the top and the bottom of the water. There is a low-angle shot of the girls legs kicking in the water and the camera zooms in; the sharks is coming in for the kill, but, we do not see the shark which build up tension , for the audience, further. There is a pause in the attack, where a man is laying down on the beach; this shows the innocence of the girl and that there is no help for the girl. ...read more.


The second false alarm was when a women screams in the water, it turns out that she was only playing. Then we see a small boy with a yellow swimming suit, his legs are kicking in the water and the audience is reminded of the first attack. At this point, Brody realizes that there is something wrong and the horror is seen on his face, there is general panic and everyone runs out of the water, screaming. And then, there is sudden silence, simultaneously, the yellow swimming suit washes upon the shore; which makes the audience realize that the boy is dead. I enjoyed this film because, of the way the director build up fear by the appearance of the shark, when the music is being played showing the connection between the two. Also, because at some points, the director, does not show the shark, instead, he shows how dangerous it is, an example of this would be when the shark destroys the jetty. Also, I enjoyed the film, because of the way the director shows fear through the characters impressions ...read more.

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