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English Media

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The advert which I have chosen appeared in the magazine 'Cosmopolitan. The target audience is women aged eighteen to thirty. It's advertising a nail polish and lipstick. The aspirations of the woman who read this are to be pretty, confident, fun, in charge and responsible at the same time. To begin with there are two main images in the picture. One is a lady who captures the viewer's eyes as she has got shiny red lips, with another lady just behind her gripping her arm showing off her red nail polish. It seems to me that the pictures give a position of independent women who feel confident about themselves but classy at the same time, although it also gives an outlook of a fun, girly sense which makes one happy. The denotations of this advert are the lipstick and nail varnish. The connotation is making one think of a fun, classy and sophisticated attitude combined with sexy and confident. ...read more.


Having a brown background creates a calm sense and an effortless look, but because of the contrast of the skin colour the dark background together with the red lips and nails brings out the effect of the redness. As mentioned before, this creates an image of sexy, confident and classy look drawing attention. There are no bubbles, boxes or puffs, which makes it easier for the reader to follow for the reason that it takes longer to look around the page reading different things. Oddly there isn't a logo, but the manufacturer's name - Sally Hansen - written vertically on the right side of the page, as it's written on their products. This will aid product recognition. A range of persuasive techniques have been used productively to encourage the reader to buy the product. There is little use of imagery in this advertisement but the phrase, 'Creates instant drama' paints a picture for the reader that whilst wearing this product, not only that drama would occur but that they would feel more confident. ...read more.


Facts are used in the text such as 'real silk' and mentions who was last seen wearing the product. For the reader this is a great boost of trust as they think that it may not be just a bad advert but that it could be value for money and that it's not fake. Looking back on what I said, there was no celebrity endorsement there is a mention of where the product was seen last on 'Nicole muirbrook' this again gives confidence to the reader that maybe someone famous wears this so if they do they will be proud and assured that it's not just them who are wearing it. To conclude, in my opinion, this advert is very successful. With great contrast of colors bringing out the red on a beige background again making it clear for the viewer what the product is and who it could look. Certainly the language is easy to read and straight to the point which I think is a key point for an effective advert. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kayla Gutkin English coursework ...read more.

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