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English Memory

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My Memory In the fifteen years that I have been living on this earth I have come across a few things that I can consider as memories that will stay in my head for ever. But the only thing that is difficult about remembering memories for this task is what one do I choose? There are so many and yet I cant make my mind up about which one write about because I either cant remember it fully or I don't have a picture to go with it. A memory that I would like to write about would have to include my best friend, Jess Stiles, we all call her Little Jess because she's the smallest person we know and also because we have another Jess who is in our friendship group but we call her Big Jess. I and Little Jess have had so many different memories together that I'm still not sure which one to write about. ...read more.


Once we got there we searched round for an ATM Machine so I could get money out but it didn't work. So we went to a different ATM Machine, still it didn't work so after searching for another ATM Machine we went to the bank to discover that my card had been out of date for two months. Shows how much I use my Credit Card. The man at the bank allowed me to get money out in the end though. The first shop we went into was a Punk fashion shop and I was almost convinced in to buying a ten pound Sex Pistol God Save The Queen - T-shirt but it was second hand and didn't look very good on me because it was a large and I'm a median but the woman insisted for me to but it, I thought to myself, 'No chance'. Jess bought a purple and red bracelet, I thought it looked terrible but it was her choice, and a biker necklace for her dad because he rides a Harley Davidson. ...read more.


At this place you can put any sort of chocolate/chewy bar u wanted into your milkshake. They also did cakes. Right away I ordered my favourite chocolate bar Kinder Bueno. The smell of all the chocolate in the shop just smelt amazing like the smell of a new car but better and food. The texture of the drink was interesting, it was thick to stir but fine to suck it up the straw, but when you did suck it up though the straw you got the amazing taste of god. It was getting late after we had looked thought several other shops, trying on cloths, playing with the free tester game and listening to the free music. We started to head back to the train station and we caught the train and sat down and started to go though what we had bought, well what Jess had bought. To our surprise the people who sat next to us we knew from school it was Mr and Misses Johns, we had a nice long chat with them until their stop at Eastbourne. ...read more.

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