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english miller

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Choose two/three scenes from the play and through close reference to the dialogue and stage action. Show how Miller achieves dramatic tension/effects. The play "A View from the Bridge" was written by Arthur Miller in 1956. The play was set in the late 1940s in the communities of dockworkers and longshoremen of the New York's Brooklyn harbour. The storyline of "A view from the bridge" is a family called the Carbones, which have let Italian immigrants to live in their household. Eddie Carbone (the head of the household) and Beatrice Carbone (Eddie's wife) are responsible for look after their niece Catherine. The Italian immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco go to America to achieve the American dream and start a better life. Catherine and Rodolfo fall in love; unfortunately Eddie is unhappy about this affair. This then leads to a tragic ending. I have chosen three scenes to show how Miller achieves dramatic tension in Act 1, the first is in when Eddie goes to Alfieri to seek advice on what has happened after the immigrants have settled in. Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is unnatural and different from other men. ...read more.


Then finally Eddie to listen Alfieri "well, they entered illegally. Oh Jesus, no, I wouldn't do nothin' about that, I mean-". Here without a thought Eddie decides that it is unacceptable to tell on the immigrants. "Oh Jesus" is used in Eddies speech as it emphasises that this is undesirable as it not in their culture to do such a thing. However this does cause the audience to suspect something may happen further along in the play involving this event. It has cropped up in the play once before when speaking to Beatrice and Catherine. Towards the end of this scene we realise that Eddie has feelings towards Catherine. He has too much love for Catherine and he is warned by Alfieri about this. "He's stealing her from me!" "(Furiously) what're you talking about, marry me! I don't know what the hell you talking about (pause)". This demonstrates how Miller uses the scene to convey the true relationship between Eddie and his niece. Furthermore the use of the stage direction "(furiously)" ...read more.


"But I will never forget how dark.......to........ had really happened". Also the phrase "his eyes like tunnels" has already been used before in the play creates the sense that Eddie has not changed in the way of his thinking. He is still determined after what he has done to make sure Rodolfo and Catherine do not get married to one another. Alfieri also tells Eddie what he has done is unnatural and is also directly warning him not to do anything stupid. "When the law.......to...... put it out of your mind! Eddie!" the pauses and the stage direction slowly build up and increase the tension. The sentence length in much longer and complex, however with many more pauses to create time to think and respond. As the readers take in this information Eddie then suddenly deceives the culture and the society he lives in. He calls the immigration bureau. There are many ways Miller has created dramatic tension/effect. Also it is used throughout the text of the play. Without this Miller wouldn't have been able to achieve the suspense and the drama in the play, to make the story line interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? 02cheemar/Choose two 1 of 2 14/11/07 ...read more.

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