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english much ado about nothing

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What is there about act IV scene 1 that makes it a very dramatic scene? Act 4 scene one is a very dramatic scene and holds the main event and climax to the play in this act. In this scene we know that Claudio is going to reject Hero publicly because of Don Johns plot to stop the marriage. But we (the audience) know that Hero has been faithful. We also know that because its a romantic comedy it will have a happy ending and everything will turn out o.k. and all the couples will be together at the end of the play in Act 5. In Shakespeare's plays there are always 5 acts. Everything usually comes to a head in act 3 and we also know that because it is a romantic comedy every thing will work out. Acts 4 & 5 bring the play to a happy conclusion. In the opening scene of the play we have seen Don Pedro's army stay with Leonato in his house Leonato feels honoured and privileged that Don Pedro choose his house to stay at. Claudio is in love with Hero but thinks his love is unrequited. Benedick and Beatrice have lots of fights and arguments to hide how the both really feel towards each other. ...read more.


This scene takes place in the garden using the hedge as the barrier so Benedick cannot see them only hear them. The same trick is played on Beatrice to make her think Benedick likes her to. At the end of the scene he declares his love for her and is determined to have her as his bride. This shows the romantic parts of this play are coming together well and it starts to look up for the better. In this scene we are with Claudio and Hero at their marriage there is excitement and anticipation for the wedding and yet we know that Claudio is going to reject and shame Hero, because of Don Johns evil plot to make Claudio unhappy. He wants to make Claudio unhappy because if he can't be happy then no one can. Act 4 scene one Hero and Claudio are going to have a traditional wedding. Claudio publicly rejects Hero by saying she is a rotten orange and is not a virgin. Claudio shames her in front of the whole household and the staying army. He does it publicly so that he keeps his status yet rips Leonato's to pieces. Don Pedro and Don John back Claudio up because they saw who they thought was Hero being unfaithful. Lenato wished that Hero were dead because he didn't want the family to have her shame brought upon it. ...read more.


As they have been so joking with each other this shows more that she loves him because she is deadly serious. After the trauma with Hero and Claudio things start to look up with one couple together. When Benedick says " how can I show my love for you" and Beatrice replies " kill Claudio" this is a total shock to Benedick and at first he protests. Beatrice gets increasingly angry towards the end of the scene because Benedick has not said either way. Beatrice then says " if I were a man I would do it" implying that Benedick is not a man unless he does it for her. Claudio and Hero end up marrying but Claudio dose not know that it isn't Hero until after he has married her. At the wedding Benedick proposes to Beatrice, she says yes. Leonato gets his re4putaion back because that it is proven that it was don johns evil plot to stop the wedding not Hero being unfaithful. Claudio did not see Hero loose her virginity but a house hold staff member Margaret. This was don johns plot to stop the wedding. The play has a happy ending because Hero and Claudio and Benedick and Beatrice are both together. Don John runs away and is never seen again. This proves that Shakespeare's plays that are romantic comedies always have happy endings. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Fletcher 10LCN ...read more.

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