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English Oral

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English Aural Throughout the ages, there have been chilling rumours about bizarre occurrences, whispered stories told in the dark about ghosts, spectres and spirits.The supernatural phenomena we know as ghosts are as old as the mind of man. In today's world, too the mysteries of the unexplained still inspire fascination amongst us. Whilst it disturbs us, the lure of the unknown appeals to us all. There two main manifestations that these creatures take on. Some appear in a physical form such as ghostly wraithlike figures, ethereal and dressed in tattered rags. The other more unnerving form is the Poltergeist. To be confronted by a visible spectre is frightening enough, but to be the target of unseen forces can be far more terrifying. ...read more.


However, the spiteful spirit wasn't done with his daughter. As she raised her cup to her lips, an unseen force struck it out of her hands and it smashed onto the earthen floor. Considerably shaken, Mary jumped to her feet, and as she did so something sent her chair flying across the room and shoved her viciously, so she was crumpled on the floor. This bizarre series of events repeated itself for a week. Mary began to look physically ill and was in a state of perpetual terror. Andrew decided to ask Major Williams, a man he respected, to look into the matter. Williams went into the girl's room and locked the door. He sat on a chair and began to whisper calmly to her. ...read more.


A prominent figure of American politics also likes to return once in a while to welcome guests into his house. The white house. I am indeed talking about the venerable Abraham Lincoln. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands once answered a knocking at her door while staying at the white house, only to discover her late night visitor was the spectre of Abraham Lincoln. Predictably, she fell to the floor in a faint. As I have explained, some ghosts may be affable, and some may be evil personified. Whatever their nature, spirits try to communicate with the living in different ways, sometimes in ways that are so subtle they are dismissed as ordinary occurrences such as the wind or the creaking of a house. So the next time you feel a chill travel down your spine, you might not just be feeling cold. ...read more.

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