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English Original Period Story

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Letter: Miss Sophie Fiest to Miss Marie Lane Dear Marie I am keeping to my word, I will always write to you my dearest friend. When will I see you again? Summer is almost upon us and we must make arrangements before then. The day of my Marriage is approaching fast and I should like you to be there as an honoured guest. It is 5 O'clock here is London I have arrangements to see mother later at 6 o'clock. Mother is well; she is healing rapidly from her rehabilitation treatment. She is very excited about my marriage to Lord Oats, as am I. Mother has consulted me about everything for this marriage. She treats me much less like a child than she used to now that I am of age. I hope you are well Marie. I have missed not seeing you in such a long time. I must leave now; a carriage has arrived to take me to mothers. Please write back to me soon. Sophie Letter: Lady Martini to Sir Crossout My Dear Crossout I urge you to come back immediately: what are you doing at the house of a Cousin who you haven't spoken to in years. Come Back: I need you. I have had a most wonderful Plan which you shall put into execution. You should be running to my door at this very moment and take my orders on your knees. ...read more.


Give me a challenge I can work at. Please forgive my disobedience. Crossout Letter: Lady Martini to Sir Crossout Why do think I should not be angry. You have disobeyed me. I am furious, but I cannot hate you, we have gone too far for my feelings for you to change so drastically. And I suppose that seeing you fail at this impossible fantasy will be more amusing that watching you succeed at this medico, but more important task. Yet I still wonder why you have chosen Duchess Anna, she is getting old now, she must be at least 40 now. Her hair has turned a pale shade of grey. She wears clothes which she is almost too weak to carry on her back. And worst of all, she is incredibly faithful, which makes your task a lot harder. I wish you luck. I hear she arrives tonight, so when you receive this letter, she will be there already. Martini Letter: Sir Crossout to Lady Martini Martini You say my task is impossible and ridiculous. You underestimate my charm. I am still active and although this may be a challenge for me, but nothing is impossible. I have learnt this from my time in this game and Duchess Anna is far from impossible. Why do you doubt me? You told me yourself that once I had you, I could have anybody, yet you contradict yourself now. ...read more.


He has a daughter called Marie. They live in a big house six miles South of Islington. Wish me luck Martini Letter: Sir Crossout to Lady Martini Martini I would wish you luck, but you are not in need of it. It is I who is in need of luck as it is I who has the bad reputation. I must find a way to get my revenge against Dame Helga; I shall hit her where it hurts, where she will feel the most pain. I must go now, Planes brew in my head I must put them into play immediately. Crossout Letter: Sir Crossout to Sir Humphrey Yuma Humphrey I have a job for you. Her name is Miss Sophie Fiest. Make sure you do it the same day as you receive this letter, I do not have time to waste. I shall pay you in Cash if you arrive at my Quarters after you have finished the job. Be careful Sir Crossout Letter: Dame Helga Fiest to Duchess Anna of Islington Dearest Anna I write this letter to inform you of my Grievances. Sophie shall not be getting married anymore. Nor will she be doing anything else. Sophie has passed on; she is with the Lord now. There are no words to describe the terrible state that I am in. I shall never be happy again. My Daughter and her future are gone. I shall have to inform Lord Oats, He shall not take this terrible news very well. I must leave now, I have arrangements. Helga ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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