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English - Original Writing

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Original Writing Coursework Wake up, Awaken every tingling inch of your body to engage in an experience so saturated with nirvana that you'd think you were dreaming. The ocean sparkling like a gallery, putting its most prized gems in the reach of the common man. The sun shines like a perpetual red carpet, spread out across the entire beach. Absorb the sun. Taste the tranquillity. Savour the serenity. A slow burn scorches your feet, but there's always a price to pay even for the unexplored nirvana exposed in it's purest form. The heat merely pushes you forward by means of a slow blistering pain. Seeing through the veil of sunshine, you spot a series of rocks huddled together, forming a cliff; the very cliff that you will release yourself from. ...read more.


Side effects may include a possessing urge to never leave. You may leave the experience, but it will never leave you. Preying on your mind, this memory will be your most constant cause for procrastination. Transfixed and hypnotised, you make yourself a primitive bed-like stage of consciousness as you cross the bridge of clarity, built with time. As you watch the sky turn from merry to melancholy; from illuminating blue to mesmerizing orange and before it gets a chance to turn pitch black, you hear the sound of a barrage of cleansing bullets. Stretch out your hands, open your mouth, embrace nature in its truest form. Prepare yourself. The rain creeps up into you, injecting you from all sides with a high you've never felt before. As you lie on the cliff, embracing Mother Nature, free of troubles, the sun takes refuge. ...read more.


All that guides you now, is animalistic instinct. You're literally soaked in bliss and this will be a moment that you remember, your tongue tasting the rain and your feet embracing the cold mix of hard rock and sand. Unclench your fists; let the colour come back to your palms. And holding your hands out to all of the Earth, you run. Your feet thudding and leaping between tiny gaps between rocks, spaces big enough to let your foot get trapped there; yet, unsurprisingly, nothing happens. And reaching the peak of this sacramental cliff, your adrenalin reaches inhumane levels as you take one last dive into the never-ending abyss of serenity. You wish you could slow down the sensation that travelled ferociously through your entire body as it welcomes the cold water. Mere words can only do so much to describe it; and this is where it's magnitude of peacefulness is one undefined by vocabulary. ?? ?? ?? ?? Vijay Nair 11L ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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