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English-Original Writing

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I opened my eyes and awoke to the resonance of a man reciting to me "Alisha, Alisha are you alright." I did not pay a great deal of attention to what he was saying to me as his parrot like repetitive voice had myself continuously questioning in my head, "Where am I? Why am I here? What has happened?" I gradually looked around moving my eyes side to side, struggling to find out where I was. All I could witness without my glasses were indistinct pale, blue walls and dull white curtains surrounding my bed side. I shook my head attempting to recall what had happened yesterday however it was no use, I could not remember anything. The man yet again repeated to me "Alisha, Alisha are you alright, you're in hospital. You've just emerged from a coma" I endeavoured to move my motionless head, however my whole body from top to bottom felt numb as if I had been as still as an immobile mountain, never erupting for countless decades. The man placed my short-sighted glasses onto my light brown eyes, as of then I began to observe him distinctively from everyone else, he reminded me of a particular individual of the family as his facial features had a close resemblance to those of my dads. ...read more.


I looked intently at the clock; it began to get progressively late as I became more and more exhausted waiting impatiently for dad to arrive, as the handle passed midnight 12, there was still no sign of father. I soon became immeasurably apprehensive throughout the remainder of the night, believing father detested me and did not want me to be known as his only daughter. "Dad come back, don't leave me on my own." I spoke out aloud in my sleep. Father shook me awakening me from my dreadful nightmare declaring "I haven't gone anywhere." I released my eyelids ajar and gave father a hug, reconstructing to him the realistic nightmare. "Dad promise, you'll never leave me." I whispered. "I promise", dad replied. One month later, I returned to the comfort of my residence and was looking forward to my first day back at school in year Ten. Father prepared me for school by means of organizing my school bag and arranging my packed lunch, usually that would be mother's job as she would supply me with my favourite, lightly spread jam on medium sliced Kingsmill bread with mouth-watering cheese and onion flavoured crisps. I felt petrified yet eager about the happenings of the opening day at school as I tied the long laces of my ballet styled shoes. ...read more.


"It was brilliant, it was entirely different to how I imagined it to be, everyone was conversing to me and moreover my best friends were being more pleasant to me than always." "That's another concern off of my mind", father replied. Three months on and life was improving immeasurably without doubt for both me and my father. However one Saturday morning at Twelve, father decided our home required a splash of paint, therefore we prepared ourselves to journey down to Homebase. I got into the car whilst dad began to drive at Seventy miles per hours along the focal point of the motorway, from which then on forwards the highway immediately filled up with traffic causing several Individuals behind to horn and shout like angry cavemen. Before long I could sense a car speeding through the traffic behind us as it aimed to travel between the gaps of cars jammed in traffic, nevertheless as I looked round I heard a deafening car collision and bawled "DAD!" At the same time as his seat belt unfastened and consequently resulted in him fleeing the front window screen, I could witness him laying on the road in an unconscious state. Once more, my life had been shattered and my concluding promise broken. ...read more.

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