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English original writing - Everything that remained of the life of a human being after death, she was seized by such a violent attack of grief that I felt like opening the window and throwing myself out.

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Rumena Ali English original writing Everything that remained of the life of a human being after death, she was seized by such a violent attack of grief that I felt like opening the window and throwing myself out. I could no longer remain between these walls, which had sheltered her for so long, I could taste her scent and the air that she breathed. Her empty bed, the pillow exactly how she liked it...the covers scented, they retained a thousand atoms of her skin But no matter what, I had to stay and look after my confused little sister. It had been about one and a half weeks since Mums death, I was lying in bed thinking about her, when a small sound disturbed the silence. I listened. The sound had filled the water pipes, which drained the roof. Somehow I could not fix the sound. I rose and drew the blind. No rain was falling; there was no wind, no light for miles and only a still moon high in the sky. I went back to bed and once again I heard the sound of drizzling rain but this time as I listened closer I realised it was the crying of my sister. Each tear was like a million raindrops, splashing on the empty floorboard. Abby was missing Mum, like all of us, I suppose. She needed her warmth, her generous heart, and her healing touch...Abby lay still, no more tears washing her cheeks.... ...read more.


Then he died. My brother, my clever, understanding older brother. My best friend and biggest pest of course. The sharer of my secrets, the joy between Mum, Abby and me. Dead. They took him. why they wouldn't let us see him for the last time, I didn't understand. We begged at them. But no. Not a single glimpse. His pale complexion had died out. His eyes were gloomy white, wide open. They covered him in a white bag. Abby lay on the damp grass, head against the pavement edge. Crying. I ran to the ambulance. The door was shut in my face. He was gone forever. I grabbed Abby and ran back towards the house. It was empty. No more Mum. Now, no more Nathan. I didn't want to go in. but had to before they saw us and realised we were alone. I knew what they would do. Put us into care, then separate us. We didn't sleep all night- how were we supposed to? I couldn't help thinking if it was my fault or not that Nathan ran out of the house so wildly. My cheeks were sore from crying and my eyes were dried out. I lay there still until the light came shining through. It was morning. Life was full of surprises, I didn't have the slightest idea of what was coming next. There was still no food in the house. I went to Nathan's room. ...read more.


They were both so pale but they were both smiling. You won't, I don't suppose, believe in ghosts. That can't be helped. The truth is, in a curious way I'm not sure I do either. GHOSTS? I cannot speak for ghosts in general, number of ghosts. I don't know. I will never know, I suppose. Just the two...maybe. Mum and Nathan. I felt my eyes fill with water...but dried them before I could cry...Mum always said she was proud of me, I didn't want to let her down. What excuse would I have to cry...Mum and Nathan were together...and Abby had a whole new family to meet? Even if that night there were no stars to wish on, both my wishes still came true. I thought that I would never feel this happy after what had happened. Life had fallen apart. But now the pieces had been but together again, even if they were a little jumbled. They were together. Like a jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece coming together. My eyes filled with water again I couldn't hold the tears back this time. They wet the sides of my cheeks. Abby looked up at me, while the images of Mum and Nathan disappeared. She was crying too. I knelt down and gave her a big cuddle. One more week and she would be gone too. I dried her tears. "I'm so happy...Abby I really am, don't cry" "Mum and Nath are happy aren't they?" she muttered in her sweet little voice "Yeah, and I promise you, you will be too" Tears of joy...honest they were. What more could they have possibly been? ...read more.

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