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English original writing piece

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This is a story for anyone that is longing to speak to someone that they really like but just can't pluck up the courage to make the first step. It tells of two people who both felt the same way about each other but didn't know how the other felt and so were too shy to talk to each other. I hope that it inspires you to do the right thing and talk to whoever it is that you're longing to talk to. I hope it gives you the nerve to take the leap. . . The twang of the guitars drifted on the cool summer breeze to meet her ears. Then came the deep tones of the bass guitar. She stopped strolling and turned to face the stage. The semicircle of people was too intense for her to see the band. He was quite tall, had sexy blonde hair that flicked off to one side and was extremely attractive in her opinion. ...read more.


Suddenly, a crow flew very close to the window and startled her from her daydreams. She gathered her things and strode across the canteen. The girl glided through the corridors as if floating on air and all the while, she was thinking about him. But deep down she thought she knew it was never going to happen. She let out a sigh as she joined the back of the crowd and attempted to wiggle her way to the front. He jerked with surprise from the usual daydreams that he found himself in. There it was again. That feeling of being in the presence of something amazing. If only he knew who or what it was. He looked around hopefully. Maybe it was her? She was a brunette, fairly short but very cute. She was perfect. He had hoped she would show up to see him play and couldn't help but feel disappointed that she wasn't there. He thought he saw her bag for a split second but when he looked back it had disappeared into the squirming crowd. ...read more.


His band-mates looked at him anxiously and the drummer mouthed at him to pull himself together. She just stood in the crowd smiling at him and dancing gently. He managed to play through until the end of the song and the band announced that there was a break. A smile crept across his face. The already imminent grin widened on hers. He leapt off the stage and landed on his feet next to her like a panther leaping from a tree. He was near enough a foot taller than her. They stood in a warm embrace for what seemed, to them both, an eternity. He held her in his arms and she felt as if nothing could ever hurt her. Then their lips touched for a fervent moment. The crowd giggled with excitement at the pure passion and beauty of the love the couple shared. It had all the romantic charm of a modern fairy tale. The attachment between them both was now official. They had broken though their shyness barriers. They were together at last. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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