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English Original WritingBANG! I woke to the sound of gunshots, but this was very typical of a day in the Great War

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GCSE English coursework BANG! I woke to the sound of gunshots, but this was very typical of a day in the Great War. I was sitting in amongst all the rats and men, some of whom were dead. Their bodies which were decaying left a horrible stench in the air. I was still covered in blood from the previous day and like all mornings my bones were in extreme pain which was very uncomfortable. The war hadn't done much for my health. "Captain," a muffled voice cried. I looked up to see a small scrawny boy who couldn't have been much older than sixteen. "What," I mumbled, I wasn't really concentrating. "Sir," he said," "you are needed on the front line, you must report to the person in command." "Ok, Ok give me a minute," I said. So I reluctantly scrambled up, woke a few of my men, and headed off. The noise only got louder as we approached the front. Then there was a particularly loud bang, "AHHHH," I cried out in pain as a bullet sank into my arm. I fell to my knees and shouted for the rest of my men to duck. We all lay flat out in the waterlogged trench waiting for the coast to be clear. ...read more.


John had tried to warn me of a gap in he sandbag defences. My ignorance had cost me a dear friend's life. I then burst into tears as I removed John's dog tag and wrapped up his body. My arm was in a terrible mess and it needed some serious medical attention but I eventually was able to visit my superior to see what he wanted. As I entered the makeshift office that was only half put together I was greeted with a warm smile and a cup of warm stew. I was grateful however something wasn't right, I made the assumption the news wasn't good. I was right. I could tell by the tone of his voice when he said "Captain." I then replied with a quick "Sir!" and began to scratch the four week old stubble on my chin. "The artillery that has been raining hell on us for the past month needs to be dealt with," he paused. "And fast". "Those rifles are no match for the machine guns burst of hell. "What are you suggesting sir?" "We send a small platoon round to the towers; the platoon will be commanded by you." "Before you continue sir why don't we all go?" ...read more.


I congratulated my men as the last German fell to the ground and the explosives were planted. It was then that it happened. The German Gunner that had just fallen was only half dead; he lifted up his arm, gun in hand and as I turned round I was greeted with five bullets in my chest. There was a brief silence as I fell to my knees and the German passed away. The medic approached me. "Your going to be fine!" he said, I could tell by the tone in which he spoke that he was lying. I watched as my blood began to seep through his fingers whilst he fought the endless battle of trying to stop the bleeding. "Go now!" I shouted "And that's an order! Leave me with the detonator!" My men ran off without question. I watched from the tower as they fled across the barren wasteland they called the no-mans land, and one by one they were all shot down by enemy fire. It was the lowest moment in my life and soon to be the last. I pushed the button on the detonator like a man committing suicide and waited for the moment when I would be relieved of all sorrows and the pointless pain of the war. And that was it my last thoughts were positive thoughts of my family and friends, 5...4...3...2...................................................................... By Tom Hayes ...read more.

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