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English, poems from different cultures

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English Poetry Coursework Poetry from different cultures and traditions: 'I Am Not That Woman' I am writing about a poem called 'I Am Not That Woman' which was written by an Asian poet called Kishwar Naheed. The poem is about how cruelly women were treated by men in the past and how they have become nowadays. It is time for them to 'flower free'. Women are expressed as really special in the poem. The poem shows that men do not realize the true identity of women. They regard them as something to trade with or use them for their house work. They do not know that in a way women are much better then men as the poet clearly highlights 'my voice cannot be smothered by stones'. The poem shows that it does not matter how much men try to torture or hide the women the women will never loose their beauty, their 'motherhood' and their 'loyalty' because they are more special than men. ...read more.


She is modest and is not like the woman on the posters 'half naked' and she emphasizes that by saying at the end 'No, no, I am not that woman'. The end line shows that although Naheed believes in freedom she does not believe in woman being used for advertisements. She thinks that women are meant to be mothers and not some business advertisers. They are supposed to be loyal to their husbands and free from all outside marriage sexual acts as it is mentioned in the last stanza '...my chastity, my motherhood, my loyalty'. We learn from the poem that husbands were really cruel to their wives. They believed in confining their wives to their kitchens because they thought that that was the right place for the women. The men believed that the men should 'roam free as the breeze' whilst the women 'hid in walls of stone'. They did not ever think that woman had the right to live a life outside their house and the men would ignore them if they ever argued for freedom. ...read more.


She is free from the captive of the men that had tortured her and they can do nothing about it now. She is trying to make them realize that they cannot abuse someone for too long. One day they would become free and they would fight for their justice whilst the tortures would just watch and be surprised. I think that the poem is very well presented and it gives a very clear image about how cruel the men were to the women in the past. They had no respect for them. They would just trade them for their chastity not knowing that women were supposed to be respected and honoured. The poem shows to us that women can fight for themselves as well but they don't because they want to be loyal to their husbands. The poem does not have a proper rhyming scheme but it does have a few rhyming words in some of the stanzas. It has a steady rhythm all the way through and the poem is written in simple language. This lets the poet express her message clearly and fully to the people. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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