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English Poetry

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The Joy of Fishes This poem was written by Chuang Tzu and is about his brother, Hui, and himself crossing the Hao River, they talk about the fishes they see jumping in the river and discuss whether they are happy or not and how would they know. When I first read the title I thought that it meant about fishes having fun and freedom of the nature around us. It also made me think that the water which the fish swim in goes where it wants to and can be vicious or calm, like a human being. The fish dart around in the water and leap out, as it they have had enough of water and want to be able to sore like a bird. The two men are thinking what makes the fishes happy and what is making them feel free. The relationships of nature being free and happy as well as the fishes, as they leap through the river like a dart. ...read more.


The poem has made me think about what makes other life forms in the world happy and what they are thinking about the world around us. I do this by putting myself in their position and pretend to live their lifestyle to get an idea of how they think and feel about the world they live in. This Room This poem was written by Imtiaz Dharker, it is about a room which seems to be full of different objects rising in the air. The room is changing and struggle to be set free, almost like it is a creature breaking out of a cage. In the room is a celebration of some kind about being alive and no one wants to leave, the person forgets where is because of the celebration. The writer ends the poem by describing himself outside the house clapping. After reading the title for the first time I thought that the poem was about restrictions and boundaries, as if someone was being held captive. ...read more.


This poem shows that we only know what to do when we are older, but by this time it is too late to enjoy the lives we had to its fullest. Only one line starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop in this poem. Thus the poems structure is very much like the man's impression of his life, fragmented and incomplete. After reading the poem through and discussing it, my thoughts on the poems title has changed. My view is that the room isn't an object but it is actually a metaphoric symbol of the persons life and how he wants to reinvent himself so he can have a more fulfilling life. I think now that the title 'This room' shows that it is an example of a way to live our lives, look live with what we like; happiness, love, peace. This room is a sign to everyone person who is not living to their dreams and full potionals. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Cooke English Poetry Course Work 8/19/2008 Mr. Bryant Page 1 Of 3 ...read more.

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