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English presentation - Dreaming

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Dreaming I have realized that everyone else has, so far, talked about their family, animals and objects that they care about. Unfortunately, my subject is quite different, and instead of telling you my personal experiences, I'd like to explain a few things to make it interest you. Today, I'm going to talk about 'dreaming'. Do you remember what you dreamt about, last night? I bet only a few of you can, just about. Why do you not have dreams every night? That is one big question that I will answer later on. It fascinates me to remember all the indescribable, bizarre events and scenes in my dreams. I ask myself, is that really all from my imagination? ...read more.


Unfortunately, if your REM period is not interrupted by waking up, it is unlikely to have recall. In other words, you do in fact dream every night, however you don't often remember them; and that would mean that you will often remember your dreams at fire alarms in the middle of the night. Nowadays, especially in Asia, there are many people who interpret dreams as their jobs. Although it is commonly believed that you have 'special powers' if a 'd�j� vu' happens within a dream and a reality, it is all wrong. An example commonly known would be that if you see or touch 'poo' in your dreams, it means that you'll come into money. ...read more.


And of course, as commonly told to children in England, eating cheese in the evenings doesn't either. Any contraries or complaints about that would be childish worries that bother them at bedtime. Anyway, I hope I have said briefly enough to tell you that my dreams are something I really care about, although I didn't mention anything about myself. They can affect my imaginations, let me out of boredom in endless lessons and keep my brains going whilst going to sleep, wondering what I would dream about tonight. But wouldn't YOU feel happier, too if you have pleasant thoughts going on in your head all day? Finally, I would like to leave you with something to ponder, do you think that your dreams are in black & white, or are multi-coloured? ?? ?? ?? ?? Lower 5 SPEECH 'Someone or something I care about' ...read more.

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