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English prose study

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This is a fine novel by Charles Dickens which goes through the life of a 'common labouring boy', who is an orphan who never saw the likes of his parents. Ithe beginning he is a young boy living with his INSANE sister Mrs Joe Gargery and his stepbrother/loyal companion Joe and they live in Rochester, Kent.Great Expectations is from the adults point of view looking back on his past. The foggy Kent atmosphere feels as though the fog is hiding the scene , you can bearly see where you're going 'it's as though the fog is hiding the truth'. From the beginning Pip's life was destined to follow in the footsteps of his brother in law Joe Gargery the blacksmiths. He will become a blacksmith, with no great expectations. He has the noble friendship, loyalty, of his brother in-law Joe Gargery who tries his best to look after Pip, from his vicious sister Mrs Joe Gargery who beats Pip with a stick which she refers to as the 'tickler'. However it's turned upside-down, when he is invited "to play" at Satis house owned by the "mad Miss Havisham". There young Pip meets the beautiful Estella, who mocks Pip for being a "Common", Pip's fascination with the beautiful Estella makes him determined to prove her wrong. ...read more.


Joe is the brother-in-law to Pip , but he is also a loyal companion to Pip and decent / loyal friend but on the other hand his sister is disgraced because she's married to 'the blacksmiths' . Pip was raised in the home of a blacksmith which is hardly inexplicable, the atmosphere nearby is bleak and overgrown nettles on the eerie marsh country. In the household Pip is bottom of the food chain, he is treated as though his villain and a ne-re-do-ell. In the next chapter Pip is frightened because he has a superstition/theory that the other convict might have escaped and is outside for waiting for Pip. When Pip steals the file and the 'wittles' for the convict he is scared that by stealing from Joe he may lose the friendship and companionship of Joe . By doing this theft he is feeling very guilty and, due to his wild imagination he thinks the cows are coming for him and that he may be severely punished for helping the desperate convict. Through Pip's journey through the bleak misty/foggy marshlands and into the misty churchyard. The bleak and foggy atmosphere that is around is emphasising that is a cold and frosty Christmas day , but the fog on the other hand is a different matter throughout the novel, Dickens empahasises the fact that 'the fog is oblique object which is hiding the answer and secrets'. ...read more.


Joe is described in much the same way, which shows how he is childish at heart. To conclude I thought the novel relates back too how life was back in the 19th century and what the social class meant to some individuals, how it impacted their lives and they way they lead their lives. Through the journey off a young orphan who only has one remaining family member who bullies him to a gentleman of great expectations, who is lucky in life and has a help in hand from his mysterious benefactor. Then towards the end he learns that being a gentleman wasn't what he really wanted it was really Estella and knowing that Estella was wrong to have married Drummel. As a reader I found that the ending is not that convincing to the modern day an age this is because there is never a happy ending for everyone there always is a twist to the tail, and the ending where Pip supposedly meets Estella at Satis house "is that a coincidence or what".I understand that the first ending was one which would have been convincing for this modern age but not for the modern era of the 19th century, I full heartedly believe that Dickens should have kept the original ending .From the readers point o view that is one which is quite convincing rather than it being a 'coincidence'. ...read more.

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