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English S hort story ''Now I fine my way to 'ere hafta heveryone h'even mi gran-mudda tell

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English S hort story ''Now I fine my way to 'ere hafta heveryone h'even mi gran-mudda tell mee se Hinglan' is so mahagnificent. D'streets dem made of gol' and dem have 'ouses like cahstle. Dem tell me se, de people dem smile at chu in di streets like you and dem is fren' once apon a time! Blasphemy!'' Akeem was in the center of the room, forever the centre of attention, hailing at the top of his lungs. Eyes that could kill filled to the brim with tears, as an uncontrolled arm caught the tray of an over cautious waitress, on her first day, that sent steaming coffee and plates of food crashing to the floor. Akeem looked down on the waitress as she fussed with the mess unnecessarily making it worse. If there was one thing Akeem couldn't stand, it was people pissing around and making things worse than they really were. As Akeem knelt down beside the waitress feeling a touch of guilt, he noticed that she was trembling violently. At first he thought it was due to the shock of the accident that he'd caused, but some sort of inner instinct, or paranoia told him that there was more to it than that. ...read more.


Hear dem ya.'' The well-built man cleared his throat to impersonate an exaggerated Englishman. ''My dear sir, your circumstances cannot be changed, let alone erased. Hmm, I do say''. There was an array of hearty laughter among them, bangs and slaps of uncouth skinned hands, as a result of years of hard labour, on the table's wooden surface separating the ten men. ''Please!'' Akeem contributed. ''Not only do we suffer unfair dismissal and stay mess up for so long. I am despised by my own people and for what I ask ya? Cha.'' Leicester said in his typical Cockney accent. Leicester always had a way of seizing the floor that Akeem admired. Leicester and Akeem lived on the ninth floor; Leicester was the first friend that Akeem had made since moving to England at the start of the year. He presumed that Leicester possessed this quality, because it was a rarity for him to speak at length on any trivial subjects. However, if he felt it necessary on a subject of importance, he would cause a fuss and dominate the conversation. Leicester was of English decent, meaning he was born in England, but lived in Jamaica till he was 19 years old. ...read more.


'' With dat we jus have to keep, breathing.'' The party accompanied in finishing off his sentence. ''Working and surviving''. They dais in chorus '' You hear what mi a se?'' The don asked. Akeem felt at home, that was a familiar saying that everyone back home used to say when times got rough. He liked it. And with that, the conversation spun off into another direction, with some people pairing up and jabbering like they were old friends holding their own conversations. While Akeem just sat. Somehow he'd been passed a smoke. He hadn't smoked in years, a promise to his dying mother, not to lend a hand in shortening his life, but trying his best to make it prosper, he heard he say. 1) But he didn't want to feel anything anymore at least not for the rest of the day. He wanted to be numb. Akeem slowly put the, smoke to his lips his eyes stung, from the smoke drift and muttered, '' Tomorrow'' as he dwelled on memories, the smoke helped lift. 2) He looked over at the waitress at the counter and wondered if he would really have to work in some place like this, cleaning up everyone's mess. He wondered if he'd be able to get some company for tonight, but then decided against it, he just wanted to be alone, with his memories. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tanisjah Matthews CFT Blasphemy! ...read more.

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