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english sherlock holms

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a famous mystery writer from the 19th century. He was most famous for his creation of the all time popular Sherlock Holmes, but also did many other stories. Short stories often conclude decisively at the end and have only a few characters, characteristics and descriptions are kept simple e.g. in the "Adventure of the Engineers Thumb" "the fat man". This description is short and concise as details of characters are minimalistic. Mystery stories often have a detective who solves the crime before the police, much like Holmes does. However in mystery stories the criminal is brought to justice, but Holmes being so unorthodox says is "commuting a felony" as he exchanged one crime for another as punishing criminals is not as important to h due to his impunities. ...read more.


This shows Holmes deduces things we and other characters are not aware of. If we look at "The Engineers Thumb" we can also see Holmes boastful intellect were he lets others guess the direction of the abduction and then proves them all wrong by saying "You are all wrong" and says the 12 miles was merely "Six out and six back" showing he is right, making the others feel an intellectual inferior or unequal. In both stories we can see Holmes unpredictability. An example of this is were Holmes has no sympathy towards other characters such as in "The Engineers Thumb" there is now sympathy towards the man who has lost his thumb. In "The Blue Carbuncle" we see Holmes unpredictability as suddenly shows some sympathy as in "The Adventure of the Engineers Thumb" he says " it is the season for forgiveness". ...read more.


This is not usual for a detective in a mystery story, but a twist which would have been stereotypical of a short story, Holmes is more bothered about the "experience" of the mystery rather than punishing criminals. Another stylistic feature of Holmes is to be very deductive and very erudite. This is also shown in "The Engineers Thumb" were Holmes has heard the description on the horse but not seen in but can still ascertain that the horse could not have "gone twelve miles" as "the horse was fresh and glossy". This is showing Holmes deductive skills which also shows Holmes characteristics by letting the others including the police say what they think is the solution before this. This is too emphasise his genius and make them seem even better through the narrator (Watson) view. Another stylistic feature obtained in "The Blue Carbuncle" which is similar to a short story is that it has few characters lead by a main character Holmes. ...read more.

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