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English Short Story - The Box

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The Box -Prologue- The box had a strange green glow to it like radioactive waste, and its edges were made of a shiny metallic material that made the whole thing look like a jewel. The Labrador dropped the box on the ground, shaking it free from his mouth. Max Cromwell looked up. It was early morning, the blades of grass still wet from the dew. The dog had bounded back from a small patch of woodland on a hill that looked across London and the suburbs and beyond. Max took this route with his dog every morning but had never come across anything more interesting than a newspaper. He bent down to examine it. It had an alien look. Whoever had scrawled the foreign writing was certainly not human. He had never seen a language flowed like this one did, with no spaces, punctuation or anything, '??????????????'. Turning to his dog he said, "Follow boy" pointing at the strange box. The dog started trotting toward the patch of woodland. Where the dog stopped there was a small crater. ...read more.


Then lastly there is the cabin which is the control centre of the whole space ship. -First contact- 13 days later nothing change except the level of boredom. That had increased. There was nothing to do. They knew everything about each other as they had talk together for days on day about each other. They were sitting in the same kitchen eating the same grey mash as the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that, and every single day for the past 8 months. Suddenly the alarm went on and a cool female voice was repeating the same words. "Proximity Alert, Proximity Alert". -Death- This wasn't the first time this had happened, or the second time, the radar was very sensitive. Everyone rushed into the cockpit excited that there was something to do. On the radar was clearly visible a red dot going towards them. They all rushed towards the window facing the direction of the oncoming object. They took a set of binoculars meant for Mars and looked through them scouting the vast emptiness for the object. ...read more.


Suddenly Fred realized that the whole ship was deadly silent. As Fred turned around he saw similar shadows around the ship all with a letter below their feet. The same fate had met them all except for him and that second Fred died. The box had chosen them. The box had turned red and that was a sign meaning they will die. Why else had they all been killed? The box had to be destroyed because if it went red everything life form it went near would be erased from existence. Now there was writing on the box. It had changed to English. The message said, 'If you read me, you will die with me'. The ship carried on its journey to Earth. The auto pilot was still working and it would guide the spaceship in towards Earth, towards the rest of the human race. -Epilogue- Max picked up the box staring at it. The innocent looking box with the strange runes inscribed on it. Next to the box lay an envelope with a letter inside. Max picked it up. Yet again he saw the strange runes on the envelope. He opened the letter and the whole world screamed. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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