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English Short Story. The Valentine kiss.

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´╗┐The Valentine kiss. It had been the coldest winter in ten years. I rubbed a small circle with the palms of my hands in the condensation which had formed over my Grandparents bedroom window. It was an aged house with an abundance of character. The windows had aged over time and a spider I had spotted the evening before had created a tapestry of shiny white silk in the corner of the pane. It glistened and sparkled in the stream of the morning sunlight. I gazed out into the luminescence of the quaint cottage garden. Every frosted branch and formation was highlighted and a mist smoked into the fresh sharp air .The aged oak trees which I played in so many times when I was younger were encapsulated by the morning frost. Alabaster branches sparkled with glittery swirls; a silvery blanket had laden over the lawn overnight. I stared at the rope swing I had made with Grandpa on my eighth birthday; it hung momentarily in still of the morning mist. A robin had landed on the battered wooden seat; its bright ruby chest glowed like the embers of the fire. ...read more.


Grandma had met Grandpa in the February of 1934, it was Valentine?s Day. Grandpa used to tell me the tale over and over again how he had met Grandma and how he had survived the war. He would describe Grandma as his lucky Valentine. He would explain how he had been walking past the village hall and a beautiful blonde, blue eyed young lady with lips like berries dashed a smile at him. She was arranging roses for the annual Valentine dance. He would explain to me how he didn?t have the courage to go back and ask her to the dance as his partner and also worried she would turn him down. That evening grandpa decided to go to the dance to see if his blue eyed girl would be there. She was there, in a beautiful scarlet dress, nevertheless, an opportunity never arose for them to speak. At the end of the evening grandpa said he plucked up the courage and left a single red rose on her seat while she was serving drinks. ...read more.


He muttered the words; ?My valentine, goodbye? to grandma and pushed the rose into her frail hands. Grandma kissed his pale cheek. He turned and smiled at me. He took a long sigh and drew his last breath into the cold air which had circulated the room from outside. He closed his tired eyes and fell into a deep sleep, never to awake. He was at peace now. Grandma fell into my arms and let out a high shrill, her valentine had gone forever. My eyes started to fill with water and my body became weightless. I knew I had to be strong for Grandma. The Paramedics took Grandpa away and the house felt strange, like a book missing from a collection. Photographs were scattered around the room, telling a tale and memories would come flooding back which I would treasure forever. As mother arrived she grabbed Grandma and held her tight, she was weak and the eerie linger of death fell upon the whole house. As grandma sat in Grandpa?s chair she unclasped her hand and the crushed red rose fell onto her knees, she lifted the petals to her nose and smelt the delicate aroma, she smiled and said ?My Valentine?. The End ...read more.

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