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English Speaking and Listening Assessment Are Homeless people responsible for their situation? Against

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English Speaking and Listening Assessment "Are Homeless people responsible for their situation?" Against Many people are homeless because of other people's actions or because of they fall victim to circumstances of which they have little or no control. Some homeless people have been addicted to drugs, smoking or became alcoholics, this is extremely expensive for them to feed their `habit? and they don't have savings for homes or even enough money to support their family. Also there is the possibility that they could be compulsive gamblers unable to afford or get help for their addiction. Some homeless people may have been in rented accommodation and landlord has evicted them because he wants to sell the property. ...read more.


This is usually ten to fifteen percent, so this approximately amounts to the amount of �9,000 to �13,500. They may well have been made redundant from their jobs e.g. car or factory workers. During the recession, many companies have had to reduce the number workers and some have gone into administration causing all the workers to lose their job. They may now be unable to keep up with rent or mortgage payments. Other homeless people, who come from a bad family background or bad upbringing, will most likely have a poor job too. Children growing up in poverty will more than likely grow up with a lower income than children who grow in a stable home with a high household income. ...read more.


Also for this reason, they may find it hard to hold down a steady job for funding food and home. There are more people made homeless since the governments lack of funding for the hostels and mental health wards and doctors, plus other staff required for them to be treated correctly. Homeless people have usually lost contact with family if they have any relatives at all, they could be orphaned. Homeless people are outside in all weathers; wet cold winters will have a detrimental effect on their health usually resulting in a shorter lifespan than the average person. When homeless people are on the street their lifestyle i.e. their diet, hygiene etc make their life very tough. No one would happily choose to be in this situation. ...read more.

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