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English Speaking - Child Abuse

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"Each day that we pretended we replaced reality with lies, or dreams, or angry schemes, in search of dignity... until our lies got bigger than the truth, and we had no one real to be" Do you know what this means? Well, Dana Munkirs wrote this in her poem, "For Children Who Were Broken." The point she was trying to get across is that children that are abused hide it with what ever they possibly can. People need to be able to recognize abused children and help them through their ordeal. However many children go unnoticed and do not get helped. Hopefully, I will be able to help you recognize the types, causes, and effects of abuse so you can use them to your advantage; There are three main types of abuse: physical, neglect and emotional. Physical abuse is when an adult repeatedly hits the child for no reason often bruising them, and it is the most noticeable of the three types. "Our bodies were forsaken, With no safe place to hide, We learned to stop our hearing, and feeling our outsides." ...read more.


The second main reason why children are abused is because parents are on drugs or are an alcoholic. When someone is under the impression of alcohol, you can get two effects: the happy drunk and the angry drunk. Most of the time, you end up with the angry drunk, which gets mad at the child for no reason. Furthermore, the abuser could regard the child as threat to their supply of drugs, because a child needs you to pay money to look after it correctly, this means they wouldn't have enough money to pay for their addiction. The last main reason for abuse is depression. Depression can cause you to feel guilty, which the abuser will then take out on the child. They tell the child it is its' fault for why they are depressed, and then believe what they are saying and think that the child should be 'punished.' The effects of child abuse could go on and on, but there are three that are the most noticeable. Dana says in her poem: "Some of us are healing and some of us are stealing most are passing anger on we give our lives away to drugs, for the promise of a life beyond." ...read more.


When growing up as an abused child, the relationship with their parents is destroyed and they fear all other relationships, because they will always think that the worse is going to happen, and they feel that they can't trust any one. Also, when they back away from the world, they create a belief, that they won't get hurt again, and because of this sense of security they believe it is better to just be alone. In conclusion, child abuse is hidden all over the world. Children and teenagers have learned to hide their abusement, so well it is becoming very difficult to find and help those children that are harmed. This means that they are left alone, because no one is willing to hear about their depressing life and they are scared to tell anyone in fear their abuser will hurt them again. To end my speech I will leave you with the last verse of Dana's poem: "Wounded trust is like a wounded knee- it is very hard to bend. Please remember this poem when, We are out of sorts. Tell us the truth, and be our friend. For those who are broken... it is very hard to mend." ...read more.

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