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English Speech- Anorexia Is the illness started purposely and are the sufferers just selfish?

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Lauren Slyman Anorexia - Is the illness started purposely and are the selfishxx? Have you ever thought how people with anorexia feel? Is it a selfish way of getting attention or a cry for help? Is it about being skinny or could it be something completely different, something that could be explained and that isn't selfish at all? Anorexia is an eating disorder that is classed as a mental illness. It affects both men and women although the female sex is more prone to developing anorexia. Scarily this disease is affecting children as young as eight years of age. Anorexics think they are too fat and that they need to loose weight when realistically they don't need to loose any. They will starve themselves, eat too much, make themselves sick, exercise excessively and some people go to the extreme lengths of taking diet pills or laxatives which can lead to other health problems. ...read more.


It is a way of having control over some part of your life. Even though the person makes themselves feel better by not eating and making themselves sick, this is done at great risk to their body, in the most serious of cases it can end in death. The body can begin to shut down where all of the organs start to fail. The victims hair becomes thin and brittle, their teeth start to decay, they bruise easily even if they are only knocked slightly, their lips and skin become very dry and chapped, they are constantly cold as they have no extra skin or fat stores to keep them warm, their immune system becomes very weak and they can catch viruses easily which could kill them as they are not strong enough to fight them, their bones become thin leading to osteoporosis in later life. The exterior of the body, as well as the interior, starts to break down. ...read more.


Imagine pushing all your family and friends away, being lonely, but not being able to get them back, not being able to explain why you do what you do. It must be hard, don't you think? They don't want the attention, they don't want to be that skinny and of course they know that this disease could eventually kill them but they just can't stop. They do go to treatment places where they can get better but it is a long and difficult road and a selfish person would not go through something like that unless they knew they were going to get better and wanted to regain all their friends and family's love. If you think about how other people think, you can see how people who suffer from anorexia aren't selfish and that something has to happen for them to stop eating, it isn't started on purpose. So now what do you think? IS it started purposely and are the people selfish? I would say no, but would you? ...read more.

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