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English story true love

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Introduction The aim of this piece of work is to compare urban zones of a city, in reference to the 1920's Burgesses model of urban development. I choose Bristol because it's my city of residence. I have a good local knowledge and will have easy excess to hands on information. Hypotheses: * Building height decreases with distance from the CBD. * House value increases with distance from the CBD. * Traffic density decreases with distance from the CBD. I believe these statements to be true, as I recognise them any day as I travelling from the suburbs to the Central Business District. For this reason I support my hypotheses. Burgess Model The Concentric ring model also known as the Burgess model was the first to explain distribution of social groups within urban areas. Based on one single city Chicago, it was created by sociologist Ernest W. Burgess in 1925. This concentric ring model depicts urban land use in concentric rings: the Central Business District (or CBD) was in the middle of the model, and the city expanded in the rings with different land uses. The centre was the CBD, followed by the transition zone otherwise known as the Inner City, then by low class residential homes AKA Inner Suburbs, the forth ring would be that of better middle class homes also known as Other Suburbs; the last and fifth zone was known as the "commuters' zone". Burgess observed that there was a correlation between the distance from the CBD and the socio-economic status of the denizens richer families tended to live further away from the CBD. As the city grew, Burgess also observed that the CBD would cause it to expand outwards; this in turn forced the other rings to expand outwards as well. The model does not account for the physical landscape; even the city it was based on Chicago does not follow the pattern due to the coastline. ...read more.


2 storey houses. Terraced houses 2 bedrooms with no front gardens, more flats and council homes. A busy community with a lot of pedestrians. Few boarded up and abandon houses run down area with 2/3 stories. A traffic increase from being near to the CBD. No off road parking. Picture on left A38, picture on right A37. No houses just flats and tall buildings 4 stories plus. Expensive land none-residential business society. Lots of services and department stores. Tourism and a sphere of influence. High traffic count with high amount of pedestrians. Page 9 Data Presentation Sites: A38 A37 Site 1 - Florence Park, Almondsbury Site 1 - Sleep Lane, Whitchchurch village Site 2 - Monks Park, Horfield Site 2 - Rookery road, Knowle Site 3 - City road, St Paul's Site 3 - Coronation road, Bedminster Site 4 - Stokes Croft, Broadmead Site 4 - Baldwin street, Broadmead Hypothesis 1: Building height decreases with distance from the CBD. Page 10 Hypothesis 2: Traffic density decreases with distance from the CBD. Total Vehicles 97 105 110 119 197 92 81 68 Page 11 Hypothesis 3: House value increases with distance from the CBD. Page 12 Page 13 Quality Decay Index Description 1 Excellent quality of building, evidence of improvements/ continual maintenance, top quality windows and doors, cleanliness. 4 Good quality of buildings, some evidence of maintenance, no peeling paint. 7 Some signs of deterioration, some peeling paint, poor quality building materials, poor attempts at maintenance. 10 Derelict, boarded up, broken windows, poor/deteriorating paint work. Page 14 Housing Land Space Description 5 Well kept frontage, large front and back garden, off road parking. 4 Reasonable frontage, front and back garden, off road parking. 3 Reasonable frontage, front and back garden. 2 Very small front and back garden. 1 No land Page 15 Interpretation Hypothesis 1: Building height decreases with distance from the CBD. I used a bar chart to show building heights so the bars could represent the buildings. ...read more.


I also support my 2nd hypothesis for the reason that my research and data confirmed that traffic density decreases with distance from the CBD. I also fond that people are drawn to the Central Business District because of what it has to offer such as services, work, entertainment etc. increasing the traffic level in the CBD, so the further distance away from the CBD the more of a decrease in traffic there will be also urban zones are less populated there further way from the centre. I think that my data collection was a success but could have been improved if I was to do this project again. I will increase the amount of time taken to record the amount of vehicles and I would do this at 3 different times of the day. If I was to record traffic at 5pm rush hour I don't think it would be as reliable then if I had 3 samples. I also again support my 3rd hypothesis since in general the house value does increase with distance from the CBD. I fond that the overall package is a better value for money, the prices from the RUF match the prices of a 2 bedroom flat located in the CBD.I think my research was very accurate but if I was to do this again I would gather information on more houses expanding my results and rising the chances of it being even more reliable. Everything I based on house value had some improvement from the CBD. Page 20 Geography Urban Morphology Coursework Introduction 1 Burgess Model 1 National map 2 Regional map 2 North of Bristol map 3 South of Bristol map 4 Data collection: 5 Hypothesis 1 6 Hypothesis 2 6 Hypothesis 3 7 Urban zone pictures 8-9 Data presentation: 10 Building height graph 10 Traffic density graph 11 Housing prices graph 12 Bedrooms graph 13 QDI graph 14 HLS graph 15 Original data sheets 16-17 Interpretation 18 Hypothesis 1 18 Hypothesis 2 18 Hypothesis 3 19 Conclusion 20 Index Page ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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