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Epic and Pastoralism in Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and The Garden

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Beowulf and Paradise Lost's Epic themes and The Garden's Pastoralism in Comparison to that of Paradise Lost; . Take-Home Essay Epic is generally a long narrative poem on a serious and great subject, in a style that is highly important, and centers on a hero whose actions depend on the fate of a tribe, a nation, or the human race as a whole. Such epic poetries as Milton's Paradise Lost and the famous Old English poem Beowulf, which was translated into the new English , are both somewhat different and yet similar in many ways. We are aware of the fact that Beowulf was passed down orally from generation to generation until it was written down, which follows the old style of epics, primary. Unlike Beowulf, Paradise Lost follows a little of the primary traditions but with its own twist and is in the secondary family group. Also, pastoralism was important in the Renaissance literature such as Marvell's The Garden, which is closely related to Paradise Lost. ...read more.


We can see that epics first took shape from the work of various unknown poets; an example of this is Beowulf, which we don't know much about the writer. This kind of style in poetry breaks into two different groups, the primary and the secondary. Primary is usually a folkloric style and secondary appeals more to the later generations and is more artistic; we can clearly understand that Beowulf is in the primary group while Paradise Lost in the secondary group. Furthermore, epics, primary and secondary, both share a group of common characteristics, which are: the hero has an impressive physique, is very important to an ethnic group, national or international, and is historically important. Also, the setting is greatly important as well because it covers nations, the world, or even sometimes the universe. Additionally, the action requires a heroes' courage. Moreover, supernatural forces such as god, his angels, and the evil-doers all are caught up in the middle of the action and intervene from time to time. ...read more.


Beowulf does not give many, but for the little he gives, we learn a great deal about his character traits. However, Paradise Lost's Satan, who is not the hero of the poem, but the main character, uses speech as one of the main powers he posses to overcome the obstacles that lay before him, which is to ruin mankind. Moreover, Milton's Paradise Lost, is a retelling of the biblical story of the creation of man. Similarly, this poem has the characteristics of an epic poetry because of its very long, detailed, narration, which is the story of the origin of Satan and the fall of mankind. The poem revolves around Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: the focus is mainly on how eve when tempted by Satan who directs her to disobey God's rule and ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge. At first he was called Lucifer, an angel in heaven who rebelled against God, and was finally sent to hell with his followers. So basically, Paradise Lost is an epic poem, which, in fact, holds a universal human interest. ...read more.

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