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Eric Alone.

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ERIC ALONE Eric steps outside the house and slams the door. He brings a hand to his head and massages his forehead, running his fingers through his hair, whilst frowning, eyes tightly shut; deep in thought. Leaning back, he slides his back down the door into a sitting position with his knees in his hands. Then he shouts, gesticulating violently: "Eva Smith...dead! And she had said she was expecting a baby! I would have been a father! What the hell was I thinking? If only I had had a few less drinks that night..." He reaches his hand into the inside pocket of his jacket and brings out a metal flask. He takes one long swig, and sighs deeply, looking up at the sky. Suddenly he drops his head in an outburst of tears, hurling the flask to the ground. " Eric you fool! YOU DAMN FOOL! Look at the mess you've made! ...read more.


Somehow she understands him and so do I! The inspector is here for a reason apart from the inquiry of Eva Smith's death. He is teaching us a lesson, showing us the right way to treat people! Mother and Father just won't listen to what he's trying to tell us. They are the fools for not seeing anything from anyone else's prospective. Why don't they understand that we are all involved and that we are all to blame! WE ARE ALL TO BLAME! Mother and father just don't realise what a damn hellish thing we've done! Eva Smith is dead. She's gone and there's nothing we can do to change that now. We killed her, and Father started it. It's his entire fault! He even seems to find it quite amusing. The whole matter doesn't bother him in the slightest! Well I don't find it funny at all...in fact I'm damn ashamed. We did her in all right. ...read more.


He begins to run desperately, but after a few minutes, he stops and turns back. He looks down the badly lit road and distinguishes the faint outline of his house. He draws his dinner jacket close around himself as a cool, night breeze send a shiver down his spine. He closes his eyes and begins to walk very slowly. "I must go back, I have no choice, I have to go back and set things straight. He knows this much, why shouldn't he just know the whole damn story, and anyhow, Mother and Father are the fools here and no matter what they think of my involvement, I know that it is them who are the ignorant and miscomprehending ones. We must make them see. The inspector must already know my involvement anyway so if my family are going to hear about me, let them hear it from myself, rather than let myself seem a coward! I want to set this matter straight and have done with it. Right! (Walks hurriedly down the road, and paces up to the door, takes a deep breath and enters calmly.) Olivia Kershaw 4D ...read more.

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