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Escape - creative writing

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Escape The thumping of my footsteps disturbs the silence within the neighbourhood. I keep running. My heart is thudding, I feel hot, I'm hungry...but I need to keep running. I want to get away, I have to get away. As I get closer to the station, my flushed face invites the cold drizzle falling from the gloomy sky above. My mind revisits the past week, and tears try to escape from my sore, tired eyes. I concentrate on getting away. I eventually find a dark corner of the station in which the silence lurks. My exhausted legs collapse, as I settle down into the darkness. I lower my head so I can contemplate what to do next, should I go home? Litter crawls passed me, disturbing my focus. People are shuffling to and from trains. My head starts to throb; doesn't silence belong on this planet? A familiar voice repeats over and over in my head. ...read more.


Why can't anyone accept me? I sob quietly as I recollect my mother. Why was the only person close to me cruelly taken away? I rub my hands against my arms to warm myself up. As I glance down, the deep cuts and scars covering my forearms confront me. Each wound representing another moment of terror and pain. I decide that I have to get away. I couldn't possibly go home...Dad would probably kill me. I slowly stand up, unaware of how rigid the nippy air has made me, and I almost lose my balance. I walk stiffly along the platform, not too fast, not too slow, just in case I attract unwanted attention. The train times are displayed inside a shattered glass case. The ink has all run, into a black runny puddle at the bottom of the glass case. It's very difficult to make out any place names, so I choose to follow the mass. ...read more.


But I have to get on. I push and clamber, and finally get on board. I find a window seat and slump down. The train is stuffy and dirty. Empty crisp packets and discarded newspapers and magazines line the aisle. Smeary, smudged windows reflect the murky skyline outside. I press my forehead against the cooling glass, to freshen my clammy face. I finally feel safe, relieved. Apprehension takes over my agonising memories. What next? I keep asking myself...what next? Worry fills the faces of the passengers pushing for the train. Apart from one familiar face, filled with fury and annoyance. We make eye contact... My heart is thumping, my hands start shaking, and I feel sick. How did he know I was here? He jostles through the queue and I lose sight of him. Seconds later the doors close firmly, the train jolts and starts to move, leaving the miserable, damp station. I can't see my father's face within the crowd waiting on the platform. It could only mean one thing... Sophie Gigg 11E ...read more.

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