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Escape - creative writing

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Escape Seven twenty-three pm three years ago today Bianca's mother lived her last seconds of her life in the icy-cold critical care unit. After years of suffering from a rare and untreatable medical condition she died. And that's when the catastrophe of Bianca's life started to unfold when she was only twelve. Not even six months has passed and Bianca's father had already started bringing new women into her life. Bianca would see women come and go. Even though there were many questions Bianca wanted answered, she never asked. Bianca longed for her mother, but all that exist now is just memories. Everyday Bianca would cry herself to sleep thinking of her mother. The last bell rang signaling the end of the school day. Bianca ran home as fast as she could before her father left the house. Upon reaching the gates leading into the foyer Bianca realized her dad's BMW was still parked outside along the curb, which was a good sign. As she flung open the door, there in the living room were two unfamiliar faces giving this look she knew she wouldn't like. ...read more.


Days went by as Gabrielle started moving her things in, Bianca's dad getting more and more anxious. It seemed like ages since Bianca last spoke to her dad, but she didn't mind. She actually liked how she isolated herself from the others. Her dad gave up on trying to get her to understand the whole " I still love you very much" talk; to Bianca it was just a whole load of rubbish. It was the day before the wedding and everyone had to try on their outfits once again to make sure that they fit incase they surprisingly grew dramatically overnight. Just as Bianca was about to enter the living room she overheard Hope telling Gabrielle how she thinks Bianca thought she was everything when she isn't and how she's such a freak and the typical kind of thing a person like Hope would do (the typical head of cheerleaders). Just before Bianca's dad came into the room Bianca walked right in and stood in front of Hope and her mom and in her sweetest voice asked, "So.. ...read more.


Whilst everyone was taking photos so remember this big day, Bianca took her duffel bag she packed in the morning with everything she needed and headed for the toilet. After checking all the cubicles were empty she slowly climbed out the window. After couple of minutes of descending she finally got her foot on the ground. Before the Bianca never though that this would be happening but the whole idea was a split second thing and now she was actually going through it. Though this was what Bianca wanted - escaping, the long for freedom since her mother's death she knew there would be a time when she would regret what she was doing right now, but she was very determined and she knew she was just going to have to live with it, after all what could be worse then living with a father who couldn't care less about her and two people that she felt like punching every time she meet them. Escaping would seem like victory, but victory doesn't last, but everything had to come to an end and Bianca knew it. With a lot of determination she headed to the train station and allowed a coin to determine her destination. ...read more.

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