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Escape to the Impossible They'd been crawling for what seemed like days, or hours. How could they know? They could no longer contemplate the time,

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Horror Genre - 1st Chapter Escape to the Impossible They'd been crawling for what seemed like days, or hours. How could they know? They could no longer contemplate the time, it seemed a long time ago when something as alien as time came into their lives. Even if they cared how would they know anyway? It was always dark down here, darker than anything the pair had ever known. Always on your sore hands and knees trudging through sewage pipes holding the faeces of an entire city's population, each of them blissfully unaware of what was going on in their own spotless backyard. Simon accidentally sniffed before a sneeze, he instantly regretted it, the smell hit him like a shock wave, and he gagged, then explosively threw up into the suffocating darkness. But nothing came out, just a dribble of what was left of his acidic stomach juices, they had not eaten in days and were both famished and weak. "Simon, are you all right?" said Jasmine, his younger sister, who used to be very pretty until the day they had taken her and Simon away to the Camp. ...read more.


These must belong to a man or, they dreaded, an 'Instructor' with a longer stride, and stronger legs to pull his feet out the sickening waste. Frantically they sped up their pace, but the man must have heard this and sped up his own. They were going as fast as they could, Simon holding his sisters hand, not only to make her go faster, but also not to lose her in the sickening darkness. They carried on running like this for a long time Simon and his sister feeling their way along the walls of the slimy pipes. They were both exhausted and out-of-breath. They leaned against each other, supported also by the disgusting wall. Slowly they began to move - they could still hear their pursuer who was not far away now. They walked and walked and they quickly came to a dead end. Simon cried out in despair, tears streaming down his rough cheeks. He shouldn't be here. He should be in parks playing with his mates or in a nice warm bed being tucked in by his mother. ...read more.


Simon felt for what Jasmines foot was in. it was one of those bear traps that was designed to lock on to whatever sprung it. They must have put these down Simon thought. His mind thinking of the evil Instructors at the Camp. He did not know what to do. He did not want to pull at Jasmines foot, as that would make it worse. It appeared that it was attached to her thick trainer and there was probably a little bit of spike in Jasmines foot. He decided the best option would be to take her trainer off, he fumbled with the laces, and the footsteps were very loud now. Jasmine said, "Simon p-please hurry, please". Simon just carried on. Then he caught his thumb on one of the spikes. He gave an involuntary cry of pain and sucked his thumb. Then he threw up; his thumb was covered in the foul, wrenching faeces. Simon peered into the darkness and could see nothing. His thumb was in ribbons, he was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, covered in human waste and couldn't get his sister out of the trap. Despair dawned on him and his head became heavy, then he lolled forward against his sister's leg. He had passed out. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Hickman ...read more.

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