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Esl writing - why I like Rimowa suitcases.

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´╗┐Many people love traveling, and there are many fabulous moments in their travel. When you go traveling, you must bring your luggage or suitcase. The suitcase will be your best friend to protect your things and to share the memories from your trips. I think that one of best suitcase brands for me is Rimowa. The reason why this brand became so popular is not because many people were using Rimowa, or many magazines showed photos about famous celebrities using Rimowa. In my opinion, the reasons are because of Rimowa?s fabulous design, practicality, and good warranty. As with most of famous brands, Rimowa has a long history. Rimowa has over 100 years of experience in making suitcases. Rimowa?s first suitcase was made by Paul Morszeck in Germany, and it was made from wood. ...read more.


This is the same for Rimowa. People who travel a lot have to put everything they need into a suitcase. This company knows customers need good-looking luggage that is also practical. Rimowa?s suitcases are light, stable, waterproof, cold-resistant, and heat-resistant. The weight of Rimowa suitcases are very light so you can put more item, and they are also sturdy. In 1937, Richard Morszeck created the first aluminum suitcase. At first, aluminum was used to build German airplanes. This material makes suitcases lighter and more rugged. We can carry many more things and don't need to worry about damaged suitcases. The new Rimowa suitcases are made of new materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum-magnesium alloy. Some features of the two materials they are lightweight, stable, high tolerance for temperature and are waterproof. ...read more.


I am a terrible and unlucky person because I always buy the defective product and I don't know it at the time of purchase. A good warranty for me is necessary. My suitcases’ job is to protect my stuff and my job is to keep my travel items in good condition. Sometimes it is unavoidable that able a suitcase breaks, so who knows what will happen? In conclusion, Rimowa makes a fashion suitcase that also can bear cold, heat, bumps, and water. Some people may say Rimowa is just a suitcase, but it’s not only a suitcase for me. It’s a suitcase with a long history that can carry my memories about with high technology, fashion, and usefulness. As Rimowa’s slogan says, “Every case tells a story”. My case tells my own story. Citation: Nikki John " Rimowa Luggage: Making Traveling A Breeze!" ArticleSnatch.com <http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Rimowa-Luggage--Making-Traveling-A-Breeze-/3804378> çæ¹å©· " RIMOWAè¡æ箱設è¨" 2012 New Design Method Blog < http://newdesignmethod.blogspot.com/2011/02/b9830003rimowa.html> Rimowa-luggage blogspot " Brief History of the Rimowa Brand" Google Blogger. < http://rimowa-luggage.blogspot.com/p/rimowa-brands-brief-history.html> ...read more.

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