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Essay about The reason of Sherlock Holmes' popularity

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Essay about The reason of Sherlock Holmes' popularity There are four long stories and fifty-six short stories and many pastiches about Sherlock Holmes in the world. But why is Sherlock Holmes so popular? So I would like to analyse the reason why Sherlock Holmes is so popular all over the world in my own way. I want to tell it by three points. The first topic is the unordinary character of Sherlock Holmes. The second is the existence of Dr. Watson. It plays an important roll in the stories. ...read more.


(Maybe his blood type is A.) He had a great concentration of the detective. He forgot everything (even having a dinner!) during the detective. His detective seems beyond our imagination. But it based logical and scientific proves. To put it briefly, he is the man who only do detectives. Its professional character interests the readers Next, I point out the existence of Dr.Watson. He is typical English gentleman. He has common sense. and he is honest, kind and a little foolish. But he plays many important rolls in the stories. ...read more.


There are many chariots named "handsome" on the street. The Baker Street is in the thick fog. The gaslights turned out. In this mood the accidents happen and the mystery starts... these mood caused an uncanny atmosphere and I think its atmosphere fascinate the readers. I have written down about Sherlock Holmes, above all the popularity of Sherlock Holmes. The first topic is his remarkable character. His character fascinates the readers. The second is the existence of Dr. Watson. His existence relief the readers. The final is uncanny atmosphere in the Victoria era. Its atmosphere fascinates the readers. So these points make Sherlock Holmes famous and popular with the people in the world. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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