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Essay Bongos

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Bongos In the story we hear of 7 people from the same family. Paul, his 3 brothers and sister, his father and mother. Paul is the youngest brother, and when he was 10 years old every one of his siblings had families and jobs. The whole story takes place in the home of the family. We do not hear anything about the neighbourhood. The family lives in a house with an attic, which is filled with old useless stuff and boxes with pictures. There are a lot of pictures of Paul's siblings, and he finds a very old one of his dad and mother. I assume the house the story takes place in, is a big house, because the family who lives there was very big, and it must be an old house too. Paul's brothers do not live in the city anymore, they moved out when Paul was 6, and Paul had never much to do with his siblings. ...read more.


Of cause the father's dead is a special occasion, and she wants to bless Paul with the water, but Paul does not like it. The mother sounds to be very caring and loving, because of the way she wants to bless Paul, but she is also very insistent and wants to have her will. She has a nickname for Paul, but he does not like it, and he might be to old for it too. Paul listens to his mother, and he knows she is going through a hard time, so he does not want to upset her. At the end of the story Paul hands his mother a towel, but she does not really care. Paul and his mother are not close, but they care for each other. Maybe Paul could have been an unwanted child, and the mothers feelings for him are not as strong as for her other children. ...read more.


Paul also finds a picture in the box of his father and mother as very young. The father plays bongos and about four people are listening and clapping to it. It takes Paul a while to recognise his parents. That also indicates that he was born very late, and that he only knows his parents from their elder days. The themes in this story are family life and different stages in life. The reason that Paul has not got much to do with his siblings, is that they are in different stages in their lives. The father is in the last stage because of his dead, and Paul's mother is maybe more in a grandmother stage than the mother stage in life. Through all the pictures Paul is looking at, we get a glimpse of the life in the family. The mother's love for the father, Paul's feelings about his siblings and the life of Paul's siblings, who were teasing each other. Name: Nina S.V.P Class: 2.N Date: 31/10-08 Subject: English Bongos Page: 1/1 ...read more.

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