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Essay: Compare the Characters of Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra

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Essay: Compare the Characters of Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra In the novel the characters of Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra represent very different things for the reader and others characters in the book. In this essay I will explore both characters and what the add to the plot of the book. Miss Maudie is an elderly old lady who lives in the same street as the Finches. Scout and Jem are both fond of Miss Maudie due to her kind nature and the support she offers them. Scout in particular often finds comfort in Miss Maudie, "Miss Maudie's hand closed tightly in mine and I said nothing. It's warmth was enough." ...read more.


Miss Maudie is more concerned for the people trying to put out the fire and the disturbance that it has caused to the neighbourhood than her belongings that have been destroyed. This displays her selfless nature and the care she has for other people. At the end Miss Maudie remains positive despite the devastation, "Always wanted a smaller house Jem Finch. Gives me more yard." Pg80 A key moment in the story that displays the character of Aunt Alexandra however is the argument between her and Atticus over Calpurnia. Aunt Alexandra tries to inflict her view on the black community and how a household should be run, on Atticus, "...you've got to do something about her." ...read more.


Aunt Alexandra adds an element of conflict to the story outside of the courtroom. Her character and the arguments that she causes adds contrast to the large battle that is occurring in the trial. The aspects of humanity that Aunt Alexandra shows are stubbornness for her persistence in trying to make Scout and Jem perfect young children and arrogance for not seeing that the way that other people do things may be just as good as her ways. In conclusion the characters of Aunt Alexandra and Miss Maudie add totally different ideas to the plot of the story and treat the main characters in very dissimilar ways. Both characters are also represented to the reader in a different way. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Atkins Page 1 of 1 10BACL ...read more.

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