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Essay Comparing Baz Luhrman and Zefferelli's Directing styles of Romeo and Juliet.

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Essay Comparing Baz Luhrman and Zefferelli's Directing styles of Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1598, and since this time the play has been modified to suit many different directors styles and their interpretations of Shakespeares work. In the different versions of Romeo and Juliet that we saw there were 4 main contexts for us the viewer. The first context is n 1998 Baz Luhrman produced the film to appeal to a modern audience, but Zeferelli made his version of Romeo and Juliet in 1960 which he set in medieval Italy making a second context. The third context is in 1598 when Shakespeare wrote the play. This period is one of the most important as it has the original text. We can look at the text in Lehrmans and Zeferellis to see which parts of Shakespeares writing they have used and how they have rearranged it. ...read more.


When Juliet was dancing with Paris, Romeo has such a strong effect on her she keeps looking over her shoulder towards Romeo, as if unable to believe that he is really there looking at her intently. The visuals between them are quite exaggerated, as Lurhman wants to show that they are instantly in love with each other. Romeo and Juliet kiss for the first time in the lift with the camera spinning around them zooming in on their hands and faces. It seems that Baz Lurhman does this with the cameras to show that Romeo and Juliet are feeling dizzy inside and that there love for each other is very unstable. The setting of the lift is also appropriate as it shows the ups and downs of their feelings for each other and has a subliminal message that something is going to happen. ...read more.


The musics tempo and pitch reflect their feelings for one another and mean that Baz Luhrman can use long silences of Romeo and Juliet looking at each other without it being boring. This is because the music says what they are thinking. Also to help the atmosphere fireworks keep going off in the background, this shows the love between Romeo and Juliet exploding out. Baz Luhrman did not keep exactly to the text and missed out a lot of lines and speeches. He missed a large section of Tybult's lines and also switched Tybult's lines round so that he ended the scene on, "Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt'rest gall." To end on this line says that even thought Romeo and Juliet have had such a wonderful time together that its all going to be ruined in the end. It was a dramatic effect to end the scene because it shows that there love is not going to work out. ...read more.

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