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Essay Comparing two texts on the Britain's Got Talent T.V Show.

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´╗┐In this assessment I am comparing how two texts about the Britain?s got talent program, communicate their ideas and perspectives. I am comparing the cover of Heat magazine and the Scotsman article. The texts are very contrasting and there is a lot to say about them in terms of presentation and language. The language that the magazine has used is very positive language whereas the language in the article is mostly negative. For example, the Heat magazine uses the phrase ?Yes! It?s?? That starts the reader off on a positive note and the reader is ready to accept anything that the rest of the magazine discusses. The magazine also uses the expression ?The week Britain fell in love with?? Love is an extreme emotion and not only extreme but positive as well. The audience for this magazine is teenagers and teenagers can relate to extreme emotions. The word ?love? is also a conflicting emotion and the audiences of the magazine are most likely to be attracted to it. In contrast to the magazine, the writer in the Scotsman article uses various adjectives to express herself, for example: ?horror, unpleasant, disturbing, badly, sadly.? These ...read more.


The Heat magazine uses the sentence ?Driving the neighbors up the wall? as a slogan. It implies that the Teenagers who buy the magazine are larger than life. They are seen as loving and scandalous and also a little bit rebellious. The other metaphor that was found in the magazine cover was the title: ?Heat?. It suggests to the reader that the magazine is not about the world?s economy but about the latest gossip and what?s ?hot? in the celebrity world. The metaphors in the Heat magazine are used to attract the attention of the teenage readers and make them buy this celebrity magazine. In comparison, the metaphors that the Scotsman article uses suggest that the audience in a Talent T.V show is animalistic. It uses metaphors similar to ? It?s a bear pit of humiliation?? and ? The circus is about to begin?? and finally, ?They had become the audience at the Colosseum or at a cockfight.? It suggests destruction and that the audience of the Britain got Talent is an audience at a freakshow or circus. ...read more.


The layout suits the broadsheet newspaper readers. It uses lots of negative language which the reader may not notice at first but will have an impact on the reader subliminally. Being on stage and being a celebrity is portrayed in different ways and those ways will be compared in this paragraph. The heat magazine uses Shine graphics that reflects the celebrity?s life. It implies that if you go on stage it is a plan to live your dream and become famous and glamorous. In contrast, the article describes someone?s performance as: ?real people having their very real feelings hurt and dreams dashed to the cruel soundtrack of the laughter of 3,000 people? It is suggesting that not all contestants are going to end up glamorous and famous like the celebrities we see. Another example of how the article describes the way the contestants are feeling is: ?but for many of these performers? it?s a nightmare.? This sentence records that it is a dream for most people but for some contestants it is not so good. The article shows a negative side of what talent T.V can be about whereas the magazine shows a very small percentage of the people who apply to these shows. It shows the ones that succeed. ...read more.

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