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Essay - "I was a very cute toddler; Ive seen the photographs"

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I was a very cute toddler; I?ve seen the photographs, they?re the only colour I have on my plain white walls. All I have are my pictures and the only person allowed to see them besides myself is Sally. She?d the only one who stayed, mommy used to come all the time but not anymore. I don?t really mind though, I have my pictures which I look at every morning. Only ever look, never touch. My pictures are the only thing I have left of life outside these walls in this room and I will not stain and ruin them. I studied my pictures, moving my head to look at the photographs in different angles trying to find the perfect light to look at them in. The girl in the photograph looked strange. It was as if her cheeks were being pulled up at the sides by an invisible piece of string, her teeth gleamed and her eyes were scrunched small, practically closed but not quite. ...read more.


She loved the giraffes. When I couldn?t sleep she would sing me a lullaby. I don?t remember the rhythm or the words now but I do remember that after she would sing it to me I knew I would be okay. She stopped smiling when he came to live with us. He was tall and had an air of authority around him. He was cold and strong yet my mommy adored him but he adored no one. At the start the would always hug and whisper ? I love you? but after a couple weeks things changed. The hugging stopped and the whispering ?I love you? turned In to shouting ?I hate you?. One day I was walking home from school because my mother had forgotten about me again. After getting through our jungle of a garden and to the door, I knocked on the door. Still outside after a few minutes I opened the letter box and called out ? Mommy, I got home from school ...read more.


Two men came and picked me up before bringing me to a car. One of them said ? We?ll take you somewhere safe and you can talk to some people? I stared at him. ?Can my mommy come?? His eyes stayed glued on the road but he answered me ?No, where you?re going your mommy can?t come? I continued to stare at him ? She can come visit though can?t she?? The man suddenly jerked the car to a halt and turned to look at me, pity indented in his face. He whispered in such a soft voice that sounded strained ?I?m sure she will.? That was long ago, I can?t wait for my mommy to get better so she can come visit me and take me home. I crawled onto my bed and wrapped myself in a blanket. I looked at Sally who was beside me, I hugged and said goodnight to her laying my head down on my uncomfortable pillow so I was facing the opposite wall staring at my pictures until I eventually forced myself to sleep. ...read more.

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