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Essay Monolouge

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Commentary on monologue The poem entitled monologue is written by Hone Tuwhare. It is written in a first person narration and it's mostly focusing on the work of the narrator and the door is mentioned throughout the poem. The 3 main themes of this poem would be work, portrait of a character and monologue. The poem is written in 8 stanzas and they vary in length. Hone Tuwhare focuses on a door throughout the entire poem, and it seems to have much significance towards him, due to the description he used towards it; "big doors", "I always like working near a door". ...read more.


The poet uses many words to describe the negative attitude in which there is in the factory, such as "drift" and "dying", which in this case would mean that the workers are wandering along, and not really knowing what they are doing. Also knowing that the factory is "dying" this means that these are only temporary jobs, therefore you can't expect to permanently work there. Hone Tuwhare wrote "I really ought to be looking for another job before the axe falls" which means before the industry closes down or is replaced by other employees which have probably lower wages, such as immigrants. The words "console myself" demonstrates that he would be ready to boost his morale up in case he would have to change job, which might suggest that it's not his first time that he's changed industry. ...read more.


There isn't any rhyme or any particular rhythm in this poem, but the poet did include alliteration which was "cold creeps" but he includes more assonance which is located in the third stanza "rising, thumping, thrusting, kneading and shaping". This may affect the speed of the tempo, and might bring more excitement to the reader. The 'Monologue' is a great example a monologue poem, but Hone Tuwhare mostly focused on his own point of view, and he could have mentioned other workers points of view about the industry which he is working in, or about the narrator, for example he could over hear them whispering strange things about him as he passed by. On the whole, this is a good poem, although it is mostly pessimistic. ...read more.

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