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Essay on advertisment of perfumes

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Advertisement Essay Advertisements are all over the place. Whether they are on TV, radio, or in a magazine, there is no way that you can escape them. They all have their target audience who they have specifically designed the ad for. And of course they are selling their product. This is a multi billion dollar industry and the advertiser's study all the ways that they can attract the person's attention, they also use a tactic proclaimed 'Legalised lying' where lie legally to advertise their product, which may even consequently lead to subliminal effects. One way that is used the most and is in some ways very controversial is use of sex to sell products. For me to analyze this advertisement I used the rhetorical triangle, as well as ethos, pathos, and logos. The target audience is both males and females in their late teens to mid twenties. This company gets the male side of the equation by getting their attention and interest drawn to the attractive woman on the right with bright colours drawing your attention there as well as the bottle of whiskey which is right in the middle of the page. ...read more.


The "heart" phrase attracts the meaning of love, it may even be hiding a subliminal message, making the customers drool for the product. Going back to the image of the model, the perfume is also linked to the slogan, as the perfume is pressed against her sexually attractive right breast. Normally the heart is said to be on the right hand side of your breasts. In my opinion that's the subliminal message. In conclusion, Davidoff has chained youth with romance, establishing ecstasy for all female audience. The human race always "Judges the book by it's cover" and we cannot stop ourselves, a sexy image promotes the whole advertisement industry, making it a top priority for perfumes. As you can see the advertisement is very eye-catching so everyone who walks past a poster or flicking through a newspaper will stop, look and read the advertisement. Whether or not they well buy it, that is another story, but at least they can pass the word around to their friends and family, making it an additional promotion for the company. The Opium advert is made by Yves Saint Laurent, born 1936 in Oran, Algeria, he studied in Paris, graduating in modern languages, and was employed by Christian Dior in 1955 after winning an International Wool Secretariat design competition. ...read more.


But the problem that I see with this is that there are just so few women who actually look like that it sets a bar that is just too high for people to reach. Not to mention there is nothing wrong with the girl on the left who is just plain and simple. When you have to wear next to nothing to get noticed it just continues to drain away from the collective respectability of our society. Another way that they make the photo on the left look worse is they don't do the hair all up she is wearing a wrinkled shirt plus simple ear rings and a simplistic vest. In my opinion, By using ingenious tactics like these, the populace is deceived into buying a product that may not do what is required, or a product which a buyer may have never really needed. This is why advertising is a bad thing, for our society. In today's society, one must consider - Is there any advantage of advertising? In many cases it is only disadvantage - an annoying hindrance in our daily lives. It gets on our nerves, distorts the truth, and adds to the cost of the products. Word Count: 1557 words ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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