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Essay on An Inspector Calls.

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Classwork 17/10/04 Essay on An Inspector Calls The play An Inspector Calls was written by J.B Priestly. The play really wants us to realise we should take responsibility of each other. An Inspector Calls was written in 1948 after two world wars, and after the titanic had sunk. J.B Priestly set the play in 1912, when there was peace, love and hardly any crimes in the world. When the inspector comes dramatically in the scene, he investigates a suicide death of a young girl named Eva-Smith. He starts to questions the Birling family to see how they were involved with her death. The family see the inspector as a normal officer with normal questions, but in a way he is kind of spooky because of his name Inspector Goole (ghoul)., also I see him as a messenger from the future. Before the inspector arrives Mr Birling is saying to Gerald and Eric that a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own family. They are also happy celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila to Gerald. ...read more.


He is a lot sharper; he is also giving her the justice she deserves. Mrs Birling is so big-headed that she doesn't realise she was getting her son in trouble, because she wanted to get herself out of it. She blames the death of Eva-smith all on the baby father which is Eric. When she soon finds out what she has done she is shocked and embarrassed. Inspector Goole leaves once he has questioned the whole Birling household. The first part of the final speech he made was like a politician. He's taking charge masterfully. He keeps on repeating the word "remember". By repeating the word remember he wants them to know that they were all responsible and had a part of guilt of Eva-Smiths death. He also says "You can't even say I'm sorry", because it's to late for them to apologise. Then again in the second part of his final speech, he uses the word "remember" again. He speaks with a firm voice, a strong voice, and very dramatically. He uses words in groups of. three. "Millions and millions and millions....their lives, hopes and fears..." ...read more.


After the Birling family had their discussion about the inspector, the phone rings. Something strange and spooky happened while Mr Birling was talking on the phone; he tells the family that a young girl has died in the infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant. The inspector called to show the Birling family that they have all participated in the reason why Eva-Smith committed suicide. The inspector used the Birling family as a n example to show people that they can learn from their mistakes, but if you don't you will be punished over and over again. It wouldn't matter if he was a real inspector or not, because he made them all admit they had a part connected to her death.; however if he was or wasn't a real inspector he couldn't press charges because none of them actually killed her. Inspector Goole was very successful in serving his purpose, because he made them all confess and, made the younger characters feel bad about them selves. I believe inspector Goole was very well used in the play, because he brought fear, suspension and tension all at the same time. I also believe the play was very successful in making the audience think about their own attitude, it shows that little signs of stress can add up and make a person very depressed. ...read more.

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