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Essay on Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Essay on "Animal Farm" by George Orwell (1945) During World War II, George Orwell, pen name of Eric Blair, wrote the novel "Animal Farm". The novel was a critique of how the Communist party was leading the Soviet Union, and it is possible that the fact, that the Soviets were allied with England to fight a common enemy, was the reason why the publication of the book was postponed until after the war. The novel intends, besides being a fictional political satire, to show that the Soviet Union not was a true Socialist Country as many believed. Furthermore the novel brings together important themes such as politics, revolution, truth and first of all, class conflict. The angle of this essay will be to interpret and find the similarities between characters of the Russian revolution and the most important characters in the fiction of the book. Furthermore, I will seek to explain Orwell's intentions with using the fable and allegory as the primary genres in his novel. "Animal Farm" takes place on an old-fashioned farm in England about the time where the book was written (middle 1940's). The novel takes its beginning when Old Major, the oldest and cleverest pig on the farm, enlightens the other animal of a dream he have had. Old Major is the first character we meet, and this philosopher of changes is an obvious metaphor for Karl Marx, the founder of the ideology socialism. Old Major foresees a solution to the animal's desperate living conditions under the "government" of Mr. ...read more.


The character Snowball has a clear likeness with Leo Trotsky, the archrival of Joseph Stalin and a great general of the red army3. He led the red army into great victories against the army of the Russian Tsar. In the novel Trotsky's role as a victorious hero is expressed in The Battle of the Cowshed, where Snowball leads the other animals to victory against Mr. Jones and his companions. Trotsky was destined to be Lenin's successor, but after Lenin's death there was a power struggle between Trotsky and Stalin and Trotsky was deported to east Siberia. The parallel between Trotsky and Snowball is, in that way, enormous. Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 and in continuation of this; it is my guess that the gunshot the hens hear under the gale is the execution of Snowball. Snowballs way with words may be the reason for Napoleon to banish him. The expulsion of Snowball could seem spontaneous, but taking the puppies away from their mother, was just an early step in staging the expulsion of a rival. As Napoleons dictatorship grows, the working animals becomes more frustrated from day to day, having no possibilities for expressing themselves, since they always have been told, that the animals are less intellectual than the pigs, and that what the pigs (Napoleon) dictate, must be followed, since it is them who possess the greatest knowledge. The central character of the working animals is Boxer, a big and strong horse, whose beliefs and willpower gives the other animals a glimpse of sincerity - and hope - during the though years of Napoleons dictatorship. ...read more.


animal), and when this is realized, that what the pigs do in the story is what the humans did in real life, it is clearly to see how wrong these acts actually are. So George Orwell has written "Animal Farm", a dystopia, where the loyal and sincere workers are being suppressed, because of a ruling dictator's greed for power. The events in "Animal Farm" could in some way seem idyllic, but it is important to look at how these events possible could be metaphors or allegories of something complete else. Orwell's purpose and moral with the novel was perhaps to show how any change is not always for the better, that greed always will overcome us, the leading race of all animals. But perhaps he also wanted to show how hard it is to embrace every contrast inside us, how easily it is to be tempted to do things that serve for oneself but not for anybody else and that we, when we overcome this, finally are able to find our true meaning and place in the world. My primary sources of information have been borrowed from: * "Animal Farm" by George Orwell... * The article we in the English class have been given. * www.wikipedia.com , 1 "Animal Farm" page... Line... 2 Animal Farm, page... line... 3 The red army became the Soviet Union's offical army after its formation in 1922. 4 "Animal Farm", page... line... 5 "Animal Farm" page... line... ?? ?? ?? ?? English B Lea Mejdahl Nielsen Essay on "Animal Farm" NAG 2007 Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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