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Essay on Bullying

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Essay on Bullying Bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone, children, teenagers and even adults. Bullying comes in various forms of abuse such as physical abuse, which is when violence is used on the victim like kicking. It consists of actually causing bodily harm to the sufferer. Verbal abuse is another type of bullying when vicious threats and horrible words are used to hurt and taunt the victim, and then there is indirect bullying. This type of bullying is quite subtle; it consists of making snide and hurtful comments about the victim. Bullying can change or ruin a person's life. Kids can be mentally scarred if they are teased often; even worse, they could be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets extreme. ...read more.


For example, once in a school, (Killarney Secondary School) they had an angered student come to their cafeteria with a knife looking for someone, Dozens of innocent kids have been killed in these types of incidents because one or several kids bullied a student. Most of these incidents occur because a group of kids think it's cool to bully, or just to show off. Peer pressure is just one of the many reasons bullying occurs. Being bullied, bad moods are causes for bullying too. T.V. violence, mis-teachings and racism are just several of the many serious causes for bullying. Bullying can be extremely violent. People may be bruised, injured, or even killed. Kids under bad influence may turn very violent. ...read more.


The results of bullying are all negative and very serious. Other bullied people may remain in suffering and cower in their homes in fright of bullies. Many of these people have disorders which will always stay with them till they die. If people are not aware of the potential consequences of bullying, they may have their lives ruined or shattered, or even worse, live to see their family or friends suffer. This bullying must be stopped and prevented before more lives are taken. For kids and children there are now help lines and websites dedicated to help the victims and the doer of bullying. Leaflets and pamphlets are given to parents and children giving them advice how to spot bullying, how to stop it and how to find out how bullying occurs. The government vowed that bullying will be stopped or prevented no matter how long it will take. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Nisha Rahman ...read more.

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