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Essay on Great Expectations

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CW Monday 9th February 2009 Essay on Great Expectations Charles Dickens a great English novelist who had influenced many over time. He was born into a poor family on 7th February 1812 in Portsmouth. His family had records for creating debts and by age 12 his father was sentenced for debt, with this situation Dickens had to begin work in a boot blacking factory. He had started writing novels by the age 20, and had risen to fame quickly for the great interest in his books. Out of the many novels he had written one was called "Great Expectations" which was completed and published by 1860. He had written the book with a slight resemblance of his own life as well as love life. As the book was written during Victorian times it had pursued the nature and atmosphere of that time therefore a book in a time with great difference and a combination of different and much more effective laws. It was a world where people would have been treated differently especially children, they would have been below adults by many levels therefore treated in an unmannerly way for example they would be beaten, threatened and sworn at. ...read more.


This helps give the audience be sympathetic towards the characters for what they had suffered. In order to mainly make the readers feel sympathy for the characters, Dickens create a setting for the characters which echo in personality and certain circumstances as well as creating the sad image such as the cold and grey graveyard in Chapter 1, which holds the nature of depression so the audience will feel sympathetic for the person there. The novel begins with Pip in a desolate graveyard mourning for the death of his parents and describes the village in which he lives in until he is seized by a man who has a iron on his leg which symbolises that he is an escaped convict, the convict violently threatens Pip if he did not follow the instructions. The opening chapter is descriptive and sucks the reader straight into a crisis and gaining the readers admiration. In this chapter there is comic which comes from Pip and violence which comes from the convict Magwitch. Dickens forms the part of violence and humour as it is very entertaining, so the reader is engaged immediately. In this chapter the device that Dickens uses consistently is description which goes through the narrator who is Pip himself. ...read more.


which shows that Joe had suddenly made a stupid gesture. Initially it shows the huge change, Pip went through, he became more powerful which makes him a lot more confident when talking and this change in status completely changes other characters thoughts and the behaviour they have towards him, they begin to respect him a lot more. Dickens had created the novel containing a lot of effect from consequences in reality, and puts a whole load of descriptive emotions in which makes the audience feel sympathetic towards the characters and then put that small smile on the audiences face when it comes to the humour parts which makes an excellent combination of reactions! The technique that was most powerful was writing descriptions because it helped engage with the reader's mind and help give that full understanding as well as feeling sympathy for the characters, it all gives the imagination of the emotions of the characters which brings me to a better understanding. Overall it is important for readers to sympathise with characters because it gives the clearer understanding and makes you wonder of what the certain issues can be like, it engages and help the motions develop of the mind. ...read more.

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