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Essay On Hamlet

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ESSay on HamLEt First of all, the placement of the whole play apart from two scenes (Act4 scene 4 and Act 5 scene 1) is in the castle Elsinore. We start off with the death of King Hamlet, he has been killed by his brother; Claudius who immediately takes control of King Hamlets throne. The only person still mourning for King Hamlets death is his son Hamlet who is quite sad, lonely, upset and sometimes confused about his fathers death; his feelings could be shown on screen by lazy, slow movements and reactions as well as confused, deep speeches. In the first scene, Shakespeare creates an atmosphere of anxiety and dread using conversations between characters which don't flow, have no rhythm " Barnardo: who's there?" " Francisco: Nay answer me. Stand and unfold yourself." As you can see in this there is no rhythm that Shakespeare creates. This kind of change of flow in the language creates effects of dread, anxiety and unease. At the start Shakespeare establishes the character of Horatio being well educated as Horatio signals to the audience how ghosts or that a ghost can never exist " Before my God, I might not this believe Without the sensible and true avouch Of my own eyes" as is shown in this quote. The first appearance of the ghost in scene 2, Marcellus describes it as being "majestical" but as the scene and conversation progresses Horatio describes the ghost as "like a guilty thing" guilty which establishes the nature and in some way the intentions to the audience. ...read more.


little, easily convincible sister that Hamlets love is a season, it will pass away and while it is here it is potentially dangerous, still young he is bound to change " Hold it a fashion and a toy in blood... Froward, not permanent". Soon after this Ophelia's father, Polonius comes into the scene as well and they have an argument about Hamlets love, this scene I think has a purpose which is to show how she argues with her father and later on how she argues with Hamlet and how she is in a way less argumentative with Hamlet. " He hath my lord of late, made many tenders of his affection for me" says Ophelia to Polonius, this shows how she is standing up to her dad but later on in Act 3 scene 1 she doesn't stand up too well to Hamlet, this may be because Hamlet is the person she really loves and trusts but when she is let down by him, she doesn't know what to do or say, and the really funny thing is that it is the same with Hamlet and his mother; she is the one closest to him and he trusts her but is let down by her and is confused about what to do. Another reason for Ophelia being like this is that if she stands up to her father he will not physically harm her whereas with Hamlet she has a fear of him. ...read more.


In this scene everything he says has a double meaning because he knows everyone is listening and everything he says to Ophelia he means to his mother as well which is why he is being quite incredibly rude to Ophelia. " Get to thee nunnery" is amongst one of the rude things he says to Ophelia, this can mean two things, either that she should be sent to a brothel or a nunnery where she will not harm anyone. I think what he really means is that she should be sent to a nunnery so no one can do what he did to her again because he does still love her which is why he is acting so angry and out of order because when you love someone and pretend to hate them, you end up hating them too much. At this point of the play Hamlets character is as lost as it will get, he is pretending to be mad and trying to fool everyone but he himself is fooled and lost in his own madness so deep that it is hard to recover, his character does not change much if not at all after this scene. So Hamlet has gone from a sad, upset person to a bit of a psychopathic character whom his lost inside his own madness. Hope you enjoyed it, but sadly THE END Don't forget to S-T-B [1876 words] ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahmad Bhatti Essay on HAMLET 10U ...read more.

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