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Essay on "Holes" by Luis Sachar

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Holes Essay topic: In Holes it is said that ?if you take a bad boy and make him dig a hole every day in the hot sun, it will turn him into a good boy?. In what ways does Stanley Yelnats change and develop as a character during the course of the novel? Holes is a novel written by Luis Sachar. It?s about Stanley Yelnats, a boy who is often teased at school because he?s overweight. Stanley has extremely low confidence, and when he is wrongly accused of stealing a pair of sneakers he is sent to a juvenile detention center called Camp Green Lake. During his stay there a whole new world opens up to him involving new friends, treasure and digging lots of holes. ...read more.


Really, if you think about it Stanley was never even a bad boy, so why should he be punished for a crime he did not commit? However, later in the book we find out that the Warden is not making the boys dig holes for discipline, she?s looking for a treasure because she is a decedent of Trout and Linda Walker, the people who were once the owners of Green Lake. This means that the whole idea behind digging a hole per day is all based on a lie. In the very beginning of the book the author mentions that Stanley is overweight "He was overweight and the kids at middle school often teased him about his size." ...read more.


However the rules and lifestyle Juveniles are forced to follow is not appropriate for growing teenagers. One example is Camp Green Lake, where we find out that all of the meals that juveniles are served all come from cans and that they don?t get enough water per day. ?You thirsty?? asked Mr.Sir. ?Yes, Mr.Sir?, Stanley said gratefully. ?Well, you better get used to it. You?re going to be thirsty for the next eighteen months.? (Sachar, 15) If we don?t have a varied diet or get the nutrients and water we need, our body might not be functioning as well as others later on. This is especially important for younger people who are still in the process of growing, and Juvenile Detention Centers, like Camp Green Lake doesn?t seem to fulfill those needs, which probably is one of the reasons why they are considered bad. ...read more.

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