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Essay on Journey's End

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CW Tuesday 2nd December 2008 Essay on Journey's End Robert Cedric Sherriff also more commonly known as R.C Sherriff, was born in Hampton Wick in Middlesex in the year 1896. He had joined the army in 1914 at the age of 18 in favour to fight in World War 1. He had a great interest in becoming a commanding officer, but could not due to the fact that only private school (upper class) boys could be an officer. His wish was later granted in 1915, this was due to the lack of officers. Overall he was active in the war for just two years after he left in 1917 because he was injured during fighting. R.C Sherriff had written the play ten years after the war had ended. It was first premiered at the London Apollo theatre. The play had evolved into becoming a part of many poems and books. The split between the end of the war and the play being written first had allowed people to recognise the consequences the war had left behind therefore they would be able to understand the horror's of war which of course was even more abysmal. The play had helped people understand the true horror's of war and the time gap had made it even more significant because it would make those understand that the war itself was worse than the consequences. R.C Sherriff's main objective of writing the play was to outline the vast measure of violence, horror, death that was contained all in one war. ...read more.


The stage directions are useful when coming to help the director understand the structure and sense of the setting, he can use this to create a tense or violent atmosphere with a good build up of rhythm, such as the tension between the soldiers and it grows to become more fierce. The stage directions had helped the play seem more realistic and helped the audience to comprehend the language and style of the play, it was able give the audience the understanding of the actual violence that had been created in the war. The grenade had been thrown and it goes through it's stages building up to the horror of the war. "(Swish swish swish BANG)!" This quote shows that there is silence at first and Sherriff shows what the grenade would do. He shows the tense of the atmosphere for example the type of smooth faint noise the grenade would make when it is in the air and then it builds up to the great noise when the grenade lands on the ground. This quote shows the tense of the atmosphere and the stages it goes through until it seems completely realistic. Sherriff uses the this example in the stage direction to show the horror's of war through the atmosphere, through noises he is able to show the violence there is in the war, this quote can help the director create the scene and help the audience give a better understanding of the horror's of war. ...read more.


Raleigh: I was told to report to your company, Stanhope." This quote shows how Raleigh had reacted in a more respectable manner and had called him Stanhope instead of his original name, Dennis. In addition this quote shows that Raleigh had deliberately joined Stanhope's company which shows that he cares for Stanhope. The play shows how the soldiers were able to cope with the horrors of war since Stanhope had come back from an attack and he had started to celebrate with the other soldiers as soon as he gets back. "Mason: I thought I might tell you sir, this is the last bottle. Stanhope: The last bottle! Why damn it, we brought six. Mason: I know sir, but five of them have gone." This quote shows that even after Osborne's death, the soldiers are not that emotional because they face their problems to alcohol and try not to remember those emotional and heartbreaking moments. This quote shows the behaviour the soldiers had that would help them to cope with the horror's of war. Overall this play shows the horrific effects of war and that it puts a bad example on a person, and soldiers are not treated fairly due to their personal problems. In my opinion I think that there is no reason for war, it does nothing other than create a bigger stage of conflict. It ruins many soldiers life, when they could have had a ordinary life but war can put immediate effect on it. Overall I think that R.C Sherriff had tried to outline the horrors of war, the causes of it and how it can also cause soldiers to suffer. ...read more.

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